Show Mode/Alarm status in App Widget

Can we get the Mode (and SHM) status to show up in the Widget again? Was very useful.


I suggest you contact support!

This is the reply I got…

Thanks for reaching out. The updated widget was released with input from our customers. Many of our users reported that they weren’t making use of the modes display so we opted not to add it to the newest version of the widget. Since we have removed the mode from being displayed in the widget we have received some feedback that some users would like that feature back. I have added you as a customer that would like to see this feature back on our internal feature request. This way our developers know there is additional interest in having this feature back and can devote more resources to do so.

I immediately replied back that this was a BS answer because they had added I refresh button. That was needed but now it does nothing.

There reply was the refresh button was for updating the routines.

Apparently they think most of us just add and delete routines all of the time but we never want to know what mode the hub is in.

The removal of the mode status is a disappointing aspect of the more recent app update. The response I got from ST was similar. Being grouped into the category of “some users” left me feeling that we won’t being seeing the Mode displayed any time soon.

My conspiracy theory view is this was a move to make their Smart Home Monitor more valuable. I say this because I don’t understand why the mode was removed. Also I have not found complaints about the Widget Mode on this forum.

I would think that they could offer both widgets, like many other apps do. That way they can make a larger portion of the users happier. Give the users the choice.