Feature request: zWave replicate to a secondary control

I’ve seen a variety of posts so I know this is something oft discussed, i’ll try those links but they seem to be hacks and i’ld like to go on record: Please make it easier for zWave replication to another controller so it can be the secondary and ST be the primary. I have a fairly robust home automation setup with complex rules and dozens of different device types so ST is a great complement, but my engine best supports the VRCOP. Its currently secondary to the POS known as VRUSB/RFIT, but there are several dozen of us looking for something far better.

Any work in this area would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.


I just bought a SmartThings V2 and I’m looking for info on how to get it to pull in the ZWave device configuration that I have in my VRCOP. I need my VRCOP to continue to function as a controller on the network, but I want the SmartThings hub to be able to talk to the ZWave network as well so I can have Alexa control my lights (my VRCOP is connected to an OmniPro II, and unless I go with something such as OpenHab I don’t see any way for Alexa to interface with it).

So I’m wondering if you’ve managed to get ST to control your ZWave devices, and if so, what’s the easiest way? I hope I don’t have to tote the ST hub around my house adding each Leviton Vizia RF+ switch to it manually like I originally did with the Leviton ZWave USB stick.

I’d appreciate any info you can provide for setting up ST in an environment where VRCOP is currently the controller.