Feature Request : Multi modes at a time

I think one of the draw backs of the modes how it is implemented currently is that there can be only one mode at a time. But Mode system will become so powerful if we can use multiple modes at any given time. That is how we use tags in forums. Similarly we should be able to define things like

  • AtHome and Day
  • AtHome and Night
  • AtHome and Rain and Day

At any given time, we should be able to set multiple modes, such as AtHome, Day, Rain etc.

By implementing a simple system like what we have in ST, it may have made life easier for the ST programmer, but must have reduced the flexibility by a lot to the user.


Been requested many times… But SmartThings refuses to publish a feature/issues request list (with discussion and status or rejection).

Virtual Switches are the de facto workaround, but it would be great to be able to spawn any number of devices of “Capability Location Mode” which SmartApps (and Rules) could subscribe to and use as behavior conditionals.


That’s what I thought, this should be in top of their list. Thanks for updating me.

We have not refused. The “Idea Portal” has been through various iterations internally. We have also looked at various plugins that could add this type of functionality to the existing community. The main blocker for adding something like this is having the staff to give the ideas the thoughtful consideration they deserve and also the engineering bandwidth to implement the ideas. We are not there yet.

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“The road to hell…” (good intentions and all that).

Instead of waiting for the perfect solution and staff, there’s plenty of turnkey platforms for this. And resources who have offered to moderate

This could be part of it, but we would still need engineering bandwidth to implement anything that built consensus and made it through that moderation. We have huge hiring goals this year. Make sure to check out


I have, and check frequently.

All I see are tiny restrictive academic boxes of requirements that are difficult for someone with a diverse and extensive background of proven pragmatic creative problem solving can’t fit in. Not to mention ST has written me off due to my non-tactful (but nothing personal) public opinions.

Currently rather focus on an environment that values independent thinking, unlike the culture described in SmartThings’s Glassdoor reviews.

(Sorry… Bitter, party of one… No table available for me at the moment). :unamused:

I do genuinely appreciate the suggestion, though. Just extra low on patience today due to the ludicrous nonsense of DST. :weary: