Modes are really "states" ... can we add tags, or ...?

The more that I have been attempting to create rules and actions, I’m constantly running into an issue trying to use “modes”.

The key issue is that currently “modes” are really “states” and it appears that only one can be active at a time. This is a huge limitation in the design of a system where there is a family involved. This design pattern causes limitations in how effective decision trees can be made.

Here is an example: I want to have variables - or tags - that can be referenced for many different conditions. I want to know if I am home, OR my son is home. This would allow me to have rules for when neither of us are home, or when one or the other of us are home, or when both of us are home.

Currently, I’m unable to find ways to create rules that will handle this type of intersection of states … or having multiple states active.

Any suggestions?

No question, it would be nice to be able to have more than one type of mode.

That said, Presence is already separate from mode.

Each person can have a separate presence indicator, and those can be used in routines and other rules.

So you can already have a rule for (mode = home and son = present) vs (mode = home and father = present). :sunglasses:

Also, take a look at rules machine, which is a more sophisticated rules Engine created by one of the community members and gives you a lot more options than the regular routines.

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You can create one or more Virtual Switches to represent various States, or you can create a custom Device Type with custom Attributes for as many States that you need.

This is workable, but a pain… Multiple concurrent Modes has been a long time request.

(Oh… But of the two options, Virtual Switches is the more practical and flexible solution… Works with external features like IFTTT, Amazon Echo, and could simplify rules…).

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+1 use Virtual Switches as variables-flags-tags-states unrelated to exclusive-modes. You get total flexibility and unlimited complexity that will make you wistful for the simplicity of modes.

You create “Virtual Switches” in IDE.

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I spent a little time looking through the “SmartApps” that I have been using, and do not see anywhere that “Presence” can be utilized or accessed?

For example, I want certain notifications to occur - sent to me - when no one is home, or when my son is home, but not when I am home. Right now, the Smart App that I found will only allow me to filter on Modes … not Presence?

Does this mean that the SmartThings system is really only easily customized through code development? Or where are the apps that leverage the Presence variables?

Try Rule Machine, I think it will do everything you want:


Definitely Rule Machine! As I’m reworking several apps, this single app I’m coming to find is a very powerful app. The logic is outstanding in it.