Feature Request: Additional URL schemes for Launch Center Pro actions

Both ST and Launch Center Pro (http://contrast.co/launch-center-pro/) integrate into IFTTT, so some integration already exists, but it would be nice to eliminate the middle man and have more direct control over the ios app, such as setting the current mode.


The IFTTT action in LCP is buggy. I’m not sure if it’s LCP or IFTTT. Neither one is very debuggable. Eliminating a middle man with scheme actions makes things more robust.

I would also be very excited to see more launch center pro integration. Mode change, app launch and what not.

YES!!! Tossing my hat into this as well. I’d love 1-tap actions that set modes or execute specific actions.

Bringing this post back to life.

Smartthings on iOS is unreliable as a presences detector. The app occasionally needs to be opened every couple days to check-in. sigh. My wife, who has the iPhone, won’t touch the app unless I tell her too.

Before You start offering suggestions - know I have been cruising around the forum seeking answers and discussing possible solutions - and I’m using Life360 as a backup presence detector.

I’m for more URL schemes so that LCP can launch ST without any interaction.

Or at least something that allows this: "connect to WiFi --> launch ST"
or this: “SMS received containing “smartthings” --> Launch ST”

it’s either this or fix the ST iOS app.

Bringing this back to life as well! I don’t think people realize the potential with this app! Everyone needs to check it out! I also mentioned in another thread the capabilities with beacons it already has and geofencing!