URL Schemes

I brought this up in an old thread, it may be too old and not getting any responses.

Smartthings on iOS is unreliable as a presences detector. The app occasionally needs to be opened every couple days to check-in. sigh. My wife, who has the iPhone, won’t touch the app unless I tell her too.

Before You start offering suggestions - know I have been cruising around the forum seeking answers and discussing possible solutions - and I’m using Life360 as a backup presence detector.

Can we revisit adding URL schemes for usability in Launch Center Pro or a better more practical purpose would be get a text message from ST with a link to launch into ST -> Thing/SHM/Hub etc.

Example: getSmart://openSHM — (a wink and a nod to Maxwell Smart… *raising eyebrows*)

My hope is to help facilitate navigating the app to correct a problem.


Would you believe that SmartThings is about to offer iOS users url schemes, Siri integration, and local routines? NO?

Well then would you believe that SmartThings is about to offer iOS users the ability to create custom widgets and error-free scheduling? NO?

Well then how about a 10% discount on the v2 hub?

-Maxwell SmartThings


Once again the forces of virtue have triumphed over the forces of rottenness

You can launch the application using the smartthings:// URL - not sure whether there is support for more granular options beyond that…

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This is good to know… very good to know. Thanks Andreas.

So what would be an example of the “URL” - “Dashboard”? or “Routines”?

example: smartthings://Dashboard

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Not sure - since I don’t have access to the application’s code I have no clue. The root URL is listed in the application’s Info.plist file so that is publicly available - anything beyond that is either trial and error or would need to be documented by ST.

This is very helpful. I will start tinkering around with it and report back. thanks Andreas.

I got Launch Center Pro a while ago with excitement that app developers would be all over this, but sadly none of the apps that I actually use build this functionality into their apps. To iOS’s fault there’s not much automation that Launch Center is allowed to do other than have timer and location based push notifications that can launch actions.

How nice would it be if LCP could detect it’s on your home wifi, and launch SmartThings in the background without unlocking the device? (AKA poke the location service with a stick to make sure it realized you had arrived home.)

Or off topic, you connect to the Bluetooth in your car and it launches a third party music app (other than Apple Music) and pushes the play button on whatever you were listening to.

All of this could totally be possible with URL Schemes and Apple opening up their OS a little bit. But until they do, developers have no reason to because nobody knows it exists because it’s not that much more useful than the iOS Springboard (Home Screen.)

my 10 cents. :slight_smile: Glad somebody else got excited by LCP.

My sentiments exactly. This is partly the reason I have an Android device. Tasker is everything you wished LCP could do. LCP on Steroids, Crack, and a 5 hour energy/Redbull boilermaker.

Poke the location service is exactly my intention. I was hoping it might be done via Messages. Have ST send a text message. Message reads something like “Check in with the house: click me.” then opens ST.

My Wife, the iPhone user, hates having to navigate-apps/go-out-of-her-way-to-open-an-app and can’t figure out shortcuts and notifications I have put in place to make the job easier. since she interacts with SMS/Messages the most, this would make the most sense.

Here’s a thought,

Use IFTTT to send an SMS (once a week) with a Custom LCP URL. User then clicks URL which then tells LCP to Launch Smartthings.

I don’t have access to the phone right now, but might give it a try. Do you think it would work, Keith?

Even better you can just schedule it right in LCP I believe. They implemented that with the iOS 8 Redux. I’m all about automation, so having to do something that should be able to happen automatically boils me. Moving to Android ASAP, unfortunately it’s financially a stupid move right now…

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