Feature request: adding dusk/dawn/twilights instead of just sunrise/sunset

Instead of entering a ± minutes, it would be much better to add the (civil) dusk/dawn options or even better, the different twilights (civil, nautical, astronomical) as it varies between locations (greatly) and seasons (slighty).

Ex in Iceland in August, because it’s close to the Artic circle, it remains very bright for hours even after the sun have set, civil twilight last 45mins while nautical twilight last 2 hours and there’s no night time., in between May and June, the sun doesn’t even set (there’s no night time)

Typically during civil twilight (before sunrise and after sunset), there’s enough light outdoor that it’s not necesseriry to turn on additional lights and on the opposite indoor, it may be required to turn on lights before the sun is completely set or risen.