Feature Request: Add WAIT function to THEN branch of ROUTINES

Please consider adding a “Wait” feature to the “Then” part of the Routines feature. A “Wait” feature would allow users to add timing to routines. For instance, if you want a few seconds, minutes for hours to elapse before the next step is taken in a routine. Amazon has added a “Wait” feature to the Alexa Routines, and I find it very useful.

A use case for SmartThings might be:

IF Button 1 is pressed,


  1. Notify: Notification that house will be locked in 3 minutes
  2. Wait: Wait 3 minutes
  3. Control Devices: Change Security Mode to Armed (away).

There are many other automations that a “Wait” feature would allow. I think most users would find this feature useful.


Devices offer a similar option to Wait with the “Delay this action” setting in the Actions for the device. There is no equivalent for changing security modes, running scenes, or changing location mode so either adding an explicit “Wait” action as you suggest or adding “Delay this action” to those activities would be nice. There are some hacks you can do with the Virtual Edge Counter from @TAustin where you could use two Routines like:

If Button 1 is pressed
Send notification
Turn on Virtual Edge Counter

If Virtual Edge Counter Duration is 3 minutes
Change Security Mode to Armed Away
Turn off Virtual Edge Counter

This would at least give you the desired behavior until ST adds the ability to delay actions for all types.

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Thank you VERY much! I’ll check out Todd’s Virtual Edge Counter. I really like his other Edge drivers! @TAustin

I have send my request directly to SmartThings - you never know. I do think it would be great to have the Wait option directly in the Routine builder like Amazon Alexa does.

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Our you could have 2 routines

1 if button is pressed open virtual contact with auto close in 3 min

2 trigger when virtual contact is closed do whatever

The second will happen 3 mins after first is triggered

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Yep, I’ve used that in coordination with the virtual counter for creating a set of routines to continuously check if a door/gate is still open and sending reminders at set intervals.