Action delay timer

Is there a way for a timer to be added to a routine? I explain what i need, I have a webcore piston that when I press a button it waits x amount of time before doing an action, for example press door button after 30 seconds it changes the location mode, I use it to have the time to close the door before the location mode/security mode changes.
In routines I cannot replicate the same as with webcore, and webcore is in countdown to stop working.
Thank you for any information you may give me.

Yes, it is very easy to do. See screen shot.

It cannot be done like that to mode changes.

Since there isn’t a delay option for location mode, you could do this with two routines and a virtual switch. Routine 1 is button press flips virtual switch after 30 second delay. Routine 2 is virtual switch triggers location mode. More complicated than it should be though.

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Will have to make it like that when webcore goes away. But a timer delay would be much better and maybe easy for smartthings to implement.
Will have to make virtual switch for away and stay and several routines for a simple thing.

You should submit a ST support ticket with this as a feature request. Maybe it’ll get some traction.

You could also look to SharpTools. I haven’t played enough with its Rules Engine, but it looks like you can get this done without as much fuss. It can’t interact directly with Security Mode, but it can do Location Mode. I think this combination would get you there without needing a virtual switch (@joshua_lyon may be able to confirm whether this would work):

In SharpTools, set up your button to change location mode on a delay:

In a SmartThings routine, link location and security modes:

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vEdge Momentary V2 (virtual device) might be useful. It allows the momentary button duration to be set from 1-86400 seconds.

It also has a separate On/Off switch condition which can be set to change state after the momentary duration is done.

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Yes! That should work! :slight_smile:

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The location and security modes are already linked, for webcore to work, now the problem is that is the button gets push it will execute the rule in SharpTools, even it is already in away.
My piston is like this:

And is hard to replicate with a rule, that if the mode is set to away and a push puts in home, with the webcore piston, with the SharpTools rules a push always puts it in away even it is in away mode.

You can use multiple conditions in SharpTools rules as well:

Edit: Updated the screenshot to use a nested IF condition just to show that’s possible too. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For someone like me that never used rules engine in SharpTools, that screenshot is…a bit confusing.
I use SharpTools in a tablet in the entrance but never used rules engine.
I have emailed support to see if I can be helped and it could be helpful to others.

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I can totally understand that. I’m not sure if the phrase transfers to Portuguese, but there’s a book called “Who Moved My Cheese” which is popular in the business world – it basically means that things feel odd / confusing when they’re different from what we are accustom to and we have a natural resistance to change.

As you can imagine, someone who is accustom to using the visual editor in SharpTools would feel like webCoRE rules look like a confusing wall of text. The reality is that both of our screenshots are not so different from each other no matter which direction you come from.

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Yes I can understand you, your rules engine is easier than pistons in webcore but hard to understand at first.