Favorite thermostat?

(Eric) #1

For my office I have three thermostats. Would like to replace manual ones with some zwave or similar compatible. Don’t need to be sexy but certainly not look like Soviet Russia built them.

I see CT100 thermostats sometimes used on the cheaper end; are there others people like and currently use?

(Jason "The Enabler" as deemed so by @Smart) #2

I’m using the Honeywell 8320 Zwave. I have two of them and have zero issues with them. They are fully programmable and controllable via ST and they are also fully operational and programmable at the device itself, for those months that ST is just needing to eat a snickers.

(Ryan) #3

I’m a big fan of CentraLite’s Pearl thermostat. Very inexpensive, pairs easily with ST and is readily controllable. It’s a ‘dumb’ thermostat, which I think is a good thing since you can’t have a program running on the thermostat and then an ST program fighting against it. Comes in white, black and black with a stainless bezel. Looks nice, works great for me. Simple and straight forward.

(Bryan Harrington) #4

The CentraLite Peral looks interesting… but I’m seeing that it requires monthly PEQ subscription ($9.99). Is it safe to assume that the subscription is to use their UI, and that the sub is not needed SmartThings?

also, oddly hard to find to actually purchase, Amazon doesn’t have the white ones!



The PEQ will pair to ST just fine, and no subscription to PEQ needed. They are hard to find.

I use Evolve’s T100r’s with the glass face: (links are in the post)

(Ryan) #6

I’ve found them on Amazon and eBay blinds got to look around a bit, and the prices definitely vary depending on where you find them. I got a white one for about $60, and the wife had to have the black and stainless for upstairs, so that one ended up costing like $90. No fees. That’s just to use their UI.

(Mike Heim) #7

I have the black one and haven’t installed it yet. What Device Handler do you use? I’m wondering about RBoy’s handler and smartapp.