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FAQ: New SmartThings App

That’s an entirely separate issue than the one that the OP described. That’s a cloud outage which is affecting both the old and the new app.

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Cannot log into the App, cannot log into the online API…
If Smartthings cannot improve their MTBF I am going to start looking at other systems.

Has anyone migrated over yet? I’m curious if custom device types, community created device handlers and smart apps will still be supported.

I ask because the new app looks to be very “Samsung Corporate” and I fear it means that everything is going to be curated by Samsung like things are with Apple’s Homekit. I like the open community nature of this system and hope that’s not going to disappear with all of Samsung IoTs being rolled all under one umbrella.

So anyone that has transitioned or started out on the new app I’d love to hear your insight.

As of today, custom code is not yet supported on the new app, which is why support is telling everyone to stay on the old app until you are specifically told to migrate over. Essentially there is no migration yet. See the supportbase FAQ linked to above.

This thread is mostly intended to let people know they should NOT be trying to migrate yet. For discussion of feature differences, see the current discussion thread ( this is a clickable link)

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Nothing work for me neither.

Is there any official word that the new app will support custom code?

(I may spam this question.)

The official word from staff member @jody.albritton is that they want it to, but it doesn’t yet, which is one reason why no one with a pre-existing account should start using it until support tells them to.

What’s your definition of official? A couple of SmartThings employees in here have said it will. The new app supports custom smart apps that are already installed.

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Yea I’m trying to figure out what I should plan for… Home Assistant is proving painful… I just found out where bravenel went thanks to this topic… which is very enticing…
Thanks @JDRoberts

I just switched from home assistant (used for 2 years, tired of instability) to a SmartThings 2018 hub. I gained stability but lost a good portion of integrations I’d like to get back with smart apps and custom device drivers. This sucks.

install the SmartThings Classic app and login with your Samsung account.

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Also start a list under the projects section and we can try and help get some of that stuff working.

Can’t. I have the 2018 hub

Yes you can :slight_smile: you only need the Samsung Connect app when initially setting up the 2018 hub. After that, you can use the Classic app. Except for Samsung TVs and appliances, they only work through the Samsung Connect app.

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OMG - you’re a genius! Thank you. Now I have no idea on what to do from here. I need to:

  • add Siri voice capability
  • add blue iris security cameras
  • add ubiquiti UniFi for presence detection
  • add sense energy monitor devices
  • add Volvo and bmw connected services
  • add emotorwerks juicenet pro
  • and ideally Circle and Plex

I found various links to how to do a bunch of the above but don’t know which to use and how to even start. Are there any good beginner guides / videos for adding custom drivers, smart apps, etc?

Thanks again

There are, but they don’t go in this thread, which is just an FAQ about the new app. So start your own project thread under projects and people will be happy to help you there. :sunglasses:

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Thanks. Looks like I’m going to switch to the classic app until the new app is majorly revamped. The new app feels like an unfinished prototype in comparison (and almost made me return my hub and smartthing devices)

We’ve been told many times by SmartThings staff that their typical customer has fewer than 15 devices and never uses any custom code of any kind – – but often does have a Samsung smart television or even that fancy refrigerator.

So the new app may work just fine for that market. See the following (each of these is a clickable link)

SPECIFIC differences between "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" and "SmartThings Classic"
"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)" App

I’d be fine with that but then what happens to user like me with 100+ zwave and other devices? Is the classic app going away?

See the official supportbase article: