Samsung SmartThings WiFi 3 pack questions

Interested in purchasing the SmartThings WiFi mesh 3 pack with integrated SmartThings Hub. I have a few devices my current v2 hub has a hard time reaching. Hub on one side of house, devices on other side. Does the wifi pucks each work as a hub or only the one connected to the modem? So does the SmartThings WiFi mesh help cover dead spots in SmartThings network or just the wifi network?


The subhubs don’t do anything special as far as zigbee and zwave. So you get exactly the same coverage for those two protocols as you would if you stuck any other zwave repeating or zigbee repeating device in that spot, like a light switch or plugin pocketsocket. But you are getting two in one, so that’s a slight benefit.

So if you need better Wi-Fi coverage, you will see some improvement in the Z wave and zigbee coverage as well, but no more than you would by putting any other repeating device of that protocol in that location.

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I’ve recently upgraded to the SmartThings WiFi Home Hub 3 pack.
As JDR said, the extra hubs don’t do more than a z-wave, zigbee repeater would do, however, they do that pretty well. And, if you’re having issues reaching devices and issues getting full wifi coverage of your home, this will solve both problems at the same time. I found I could do without a repeater that I had been using with a SmartThings hub in order to reach one door sensor. Now the Home Hubs reach it just fine.


Thanks for the help. I was hoping they would act like range extenders. Something to think about. Right now I have a Netgear R7000(ac1900) and covers the entire house pretty well except the “library”.
Thanks again.

They are acting like range extenders, but within the limits of each protocol. A single purpose zwave extender would have exactly the same zwave range as the Subhub.

So they are extending your networks, but you aren’t suddenly getting Wi-Fi range for your zwave devices. The hops are still the same size for each protocol.

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Sorry, miss read your post.

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Will these possibly be upgraded to wifi 6 (802.11ax) when it comes out?