FAQ: Do you know of an outdoor motion sensor?

You might be right. Right now I have the S2 wire connected to the detector output along with the LED bulbs just so I can at least tell that the motion detector has tripped. I used the S1 input for my manual wall switch to manually turn the lights on. I can turn the lights on programmatically, but if the motion detector is tripped, it turns on the bulbs and I lose control and only get reporting. My goal would be to only have the bulbs connected to the output of the z-wave switch and not also connected to the motion detector output.

Correct, it does require a load. Wiring is fine and works just fine as long as a load is also attached to the output of the motion sensor. Using a single 9 watt LED is barely enough (meaning not reliably). I think mine needs about 25 watts. I’m assuming all motion sensors are not built this way so now to find one that does not require the load.

Hi - I have bought the new version SP816 which is Z-WAVE plus. any ideas how we get an updated device handler ?

Are you saying the old one doesn’t work with the updated device?

not tested thoroughly, but it seems not when i looked at it.

i got it to work on a generic Z-Wave plus motion/temp sensor device handler already published… i modified the code to get the battery status to work OK. But not sure whether its optimised for the SP816

One quick update for 2018: Mike Maxwells zone manager smartapp is no longer being supported, but you won’t need it because you can do the same thing with webcore. :sunglasses:

2019 Update

Both Phillips hue (Zigbee) and Zooz (Z wave) announced new outdoor motion sensors at CES 2019 for release later this year. I haven’t looked into the details yet, but they should be good additions to the market. We’ll just have to see if they have solved the false alarm problem.

The Phillips Sensor is rated IP 54, so rain shouldn’t be a problem. It will be available in both the US and UK.

It looks like the Zooz model is less weatherproof, requiring a sheltered area. But it’s also less expensive and has a USB power option, which will be good for those with winters regularly below freezing. And it is only available for the US.


I picked up one of the Zooz outdoor motion sensors around the beginning of December 2018. I finally got it installed around the 24th of December 2018 and it has been working OK once I figured out how to set it correctly. The setting are made on the device itself with little adjustment dials. I found the motion trigger to be very sensitive to sunlight and cloud movement. However, once adjusting the daylight setting appropriately, I’ve had less false positives. I believe that I still need to adjust it even more as it still picks up ghost motions. The battery is already at 70% however, I didn’t have it set correctly before so it was sending way more messages than necessary.

Door contact for comparison:


Thanks for the report! Bonus points for positioning the sensor correctly at 90° to the door you are monitoring. :sunglasses::tada:


I’ve had mine installed for a couple months. Its been working quite well. I have the sensitivity set so it only detects people, cars, larger animals. It’s over my garage door.


Thank you @JDRoberts.

Based in the UK, where it likes to rain a lot, most of the time, without prior notice, so, I assume the Philips Hue motion sensor would be best, due to it’s weather prof properties, right?

Also, does this seamlessly integrate with SmartThings - as an example, I have LIfx bulbs everywhere, connected to SmartThings hub v3, so, just wondering if they won’t be able to talk to each correctly being a competitor?

The Phillips hue outdoor sensor uses zigbee 3.0, Which at present is only supported by the newest hub, and it’s a very new device. So I don’t think we really know how or if it will work with smart things yet, and it probably will not work great with older smartthings hubs.

But you could use a Hue bulb as a “man in the middle” as long as both that Bulb and the motion sensor are attached to a hue bridge.

Have the motion sensor turn on that bulb. Smartthings will know when that Bulb comes on, typically with a lag of no more than five seconds. And then you can trigger other smartthings events because the bulb came on.

That won’t work for everybody, but it may work for some use cases. :sunglasses:

By the way, if you are in the UK, you will not be able to use the Zooz motion sensor anyway as it is only made on the US frequency. The hue motion sensor uses zigbee which is the same in both regions. And if you use it through the Hue bridge, then even that doesn’t matter, as that’s a LAN connection between the bridge and the smartthings hub.


Thank you @JDRoberts.

Thankfully, I have the SmartThugs Hub v3, so this should help with that, but want to avoid purchasing a bridge (or any more hubs, if I can help it).

The Philips motion sensor is available on Amazon, so, once I get a chance, I’ll purchase and do some testing.

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Update: some community members are now using the Hue outdoor motion sensor joined directly to smartthings (not through the hue bridge).

@RICHARDNIEVES21posted about this, along with a link to a DTH, in the following thread:

Thank you @JDRoberts. Time to look into it!

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After a lot of trial and error the best way I’ve been able to avoid false triggers is to place the motion sensor about 4 feet of the ground (same height as mid torso) and adjust the field of view horizontal or slightly up to avoid seeing the ground or animals.

The Ecolink work very well but the field of view covers high to low and by placing electrical tape over the lower half the ground hit by sunlight is blocked by the tape.


Time to kick this back into life…

So, read the entire topic. 3 possible options for me.

  1. Make a dumb motion sensor smart: FAQ: Do you know of an outdoor motion sensor? - #45 by Alwas Looking for Outdoor Night Motion Sensor and lighting?
    (Maybe, will require some extra cable work for me)

  2. Tape on a normal motion sensor to block of ground and sky: FAQ: Do you know of an outdoor motion sensor? - #50 by BrianEliot
    (Won’t work for me, to much moving green)

  3. Actual outdoor sensors: FAQ: Do you know of an outdoor motion sensor? - #143 by JDRoberts
    (The Hue needs a bridge (FAQ: Do you know of an outdoor motion sensor? - #150 by JDRoberts but still not local I asume?) and will work in the cloud? The Zooz isn’t available in Europe, guessing 100-125 euro before I have it here?)

The Zooz won’t work for Europe : wrong zwave frequency. :disappointed_relieved:

I keep hearing rumors that Zooz intends to eventually come out with some European models, but nothing has been officially announced yet.

With Zwave, the frequency of the end device has to exactly match the frequency of the hub or they can’t talk to each other.

As far as hue, For the sensor you have to connect it to a smartthings hub, not a hue bridge. That used to require a cloud connection, but now, with the new edge drivers, it will also run locally. :sunglasses:

Edge itself is still in beta so there might be some glitches, but there is a community created edge driver for the hue motion sensor if you want to try it.

[Edge Driver] Hue Motion Sensor (No Hue Bridge)

If you don’t know anything about Edge yet, read this:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

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Good to know US Z-Wave is different! Keep learning here.

But as there is no real outdoor (EU) sensor I’ll look into the Edge thing. Thanks!

Edit: BTW, saw on their site that they are looking for distributors in Europe so maybe…

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Might not suit everyone but I have had an outdoor motion sensor for 4 years and never had a single false alarm or failure

Smart power sense plug
External 30w led security light
Cheap external movement sensor

Or you can buy integrated security light with motion sensor built in

Power sense plug to movement sensor, movement sensor to light

Makes everything work smart including automated on off and the sensing part is down to the dedicated sensor

Works 100% reliably and you can trigger an action in ST if power goes above a set limit which is an option in automations if using power sense plug