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FAQ: Do you know of an outdoor motion sensor?


Thanks for the report! Bonus points for positioning the sensor correctly at 90° to the door you are monitoring. :sunglasses::tada:


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I’ve had mine installed for a couple months. Its been working quite well. I have the sensitivity set so it only detects people, cars, larger animals. It’s over my garage door.



Thank you @JDRoberts.

Based in the UK, where it likes to rain a lot, most of the time, without prior notice, so, I assume the Philips Hue motion sensor would be best, due to it’s weather prof properties, right?

Also, does this seamlessly integrate with SmartThings - as an example, I have LIfx bulbs everywhere, connected to SmartThings hub v3, so, just wondering if they won’t be able to talk to each correctly being a competitor?



The Phillips hue outdoor sensor uses zigbee 3.0, Which at present is only supported by the newest hub, and it’s a very new device. So I don’t think we really know how or if it will work with smart things yet, and it probably will not work great with older smartthings hubs.

But you could use a Hue bulb as a “man in the middle” as long as both that Bulb and the motion sensor are attached to a hue bridge.

Have the motion sensor turn on that bulb. Smartthings will know when that Bulb comes on, typically with a lag of no more than five seconds. And then you can trigger other smartthings events because the bulb came on.

That won’t work for everybody, but it may work for some use cases. :sunglasses:

By the way, if you are in the UK, you will not be able to use the Zooz motion sensor anyway as it is only made on the US frequency. The hue motion sensor uses zigbee which is the same in both regions. And if you use it through the Hue bridge, then even that doesn’t matter, as that’s a LAN connection between the bridge and the smartthings hub.



Thank you @JDRoberts.

Thankfully, I have the SmartThugs Hub v3, so this should help with that, but want to avoid purchasing a bridge (or any more hubs, if I can help it).

The Philips motion sensor is available on Amazon, so, once I get a chance, I’ll purchase and do some testing.

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Update: some community members are now using the Hue outdoor motion sensor joined directly to smartthings (not through the hue bridge).

@RICHARDNIEVES21posted about this, along with a link to a DTH, in the following thread:



Thank you @JDRoberts. Time to look into it!

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