FAQ: Automated Relay for 2-Way Light Switches (European Version)


Discussions of networked light switch wiring for US installations can be very confusing for those in Europe. The wiring is different, the wire colours are different, and the terminology is different.

Often the easiest way to add networked control to light switches in a European home is to add an in-line relay, rather than a networked switch. Several manufacturers make zwave versions of these on both European and U.S. frequencies, including Fibaro and Aeotech.

Vesternet, a retailer of home automation equipment, has a good FAQ on wiring European light switches to a networked relay. Worth a look if you’re dealing with European style two way switches.


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(Joe Jones) #2

Not sure how I missed this before I created my thread.

This looks like a good starting point for me, although still a little over my head!

Any advice / documentation on 2/3-gang switches? Presumably these modules aren’t small enough to squeeze 3 of them in one back box!


(Cuan Brown) #3

So I have just bought an Aeon and a Fibaro and tried to squeeze them into my light switch. I have a 37mm backbox with MK light switches. There is no ways its going to fit. In short if you have a 37mm/25mm back box in the wall you need to replace it with a 47mm box to get these in. Looking at the measurements from vesternet and the likes even the light switches need 40mm (and they look terrible too). Happy days

(Joe Jones) #4

Ah jeez, I wouldn’t even know where to start. Don’t think it would fly with the other half if I start chipping away at the walls of our new house!

(Cuan Brown) #5

I searched online, it looks pretty simple. Turn lights off at the main fuse box, take the switch off and then unscrew the 2 screws on the back of the backbox out. This will allow you to take it out. Take a drill bit and measure the extra distance you need to add (eg20mm) and wrap some electrical tape round the bit so don’t go too far. Drill holes evey 5mm apart from top to bottom and left to right. Take a chisel and knock out the additional brick. Insert new back box plate screw to the wall, wire up light switch and zwave box and you are done. Then apologies to wife and have a beer. One down dozens more to go!