FAQ: 2019 UK options for light switches with smart bulbs?

There are multiple options for this available in the UK now. It depends on exactly what you want to accomplish.

If your hue bulbs work with a hue bridge and you just want a parallel means of control, Then the new “friends of hue” kinetic energy switches work very well, look just like regular switches, and are neither battery powered nor mains powered so you can put them anywhere. :level_slider::bulb:

See the following discussion thread (the topic title is a clickable link)


There are several different brands of these, and most can handle two separate groups of Lights, so although they are expensive, they may be able to replace two switches of other types. Some offer four individual buttons, So if you set your lights up in scenes, that might also work.


Beyond that, the 2018 FAQ still applies, there’s nothing really new since then. So take a look at that: ( The topic title is a clickable link.)

And here’s the buttons and remotes FAQ. Any of the battery powered options will work fine, because the wall switch will communicate with the hub and the hub will communicate with the bulb.

Each entry is marked as US or UK and Mains powered or battery powered, so read carefully to find the ones you want.

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