Fan Speed Controller - High Amps?

I am looking to hopefully be able to controller two woodstove blower fans with a fan speed controller that will work with Smartthings. Each blower motor is 2.9amps for a total of 5.8amps. All the fan speed control switches I have seen is 1.5 amps max that are designed for smartthings. Any idea of one that will handle both blower motors or even one? Links and ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much. This community is full of knowledge and great people willing to help.

Thanks again

Do you just want on/off, low/medium/high, or fully variable speed?

Low, Medium , High controller or variable speed would be fine. Variable speed seems like it would get me improved fan control though. Here is the blower motor I have.

Woodstove has two of these mounted to it.


I’m honestly not sure. There are some variable speed motor controllers like the following:

But I don’t know if they would match with that particular blower motor. If it was me, I would write the manufacturer and ask them.

Yeah they definetly don’t give those away. Probably end up just getting a manual one that is much cheaper. Wasnt sure if they had any I didnt already see. Going to go with this one for $18

Do you know much about PID Controllers? Looking to get one with a thermocouple. Didnt know if any could sync with smartthings. Only want it to be about to monitor temp of the thermocouple tempature through the mobile app. That way I dont have to go back and fourth consistently