3 amp exhaust fan variable speed control

I have a 3-amp variable speed exhaust fan in my garage (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01G8I7IAW). I’d like to control it with a z-wave variable speed fan control, but I can’t find any that are rated any higher than 1.5 amps. I’d like to be able to control the speed from SmartThings, not just on/off. Does anyone else out there know of a z-wave fan/motor speed control setup capable of 3 amps?

this looks like a 120v fan with a manual speed control (“phase chopper”) on it, or remotely wired to it. You don’t want to wire a relay in series with the existing speed control? What 1.5-amp automatic speed controller did you find - ceiling fan controller is not the same, will not work. I would not expect to find an automatically variable Zwave solution.

The speed controller might interfere with an easy Zwave or Zigbee plug, but the two Zwave relays I saw, will manage 3amp appx 0.4HP . Looked like 15amp or 1HP was typical . I’d try a plug first anyway.

If you mean that you don’t have even the manual speed controller then there are dozens of cheap options via Grainger, Home Depot, anywhere. “fan speed controller”, looks like an old lighting rheostat.

I would plan for occasional false operation. i.e. don’t stick your hand in there without the circuit breaker.