Fan and oscillation control--What Do I Need? (Home Decorator Bentley AL14-TB)

I currently have a single gang box with 2 switches in it to control the 3 speed fan and oscillation. Think of oscillation like a light, on/off. Each has independent power back to the switch box. My primary objective is to automatically make sure the fan and oscillation is not running after we go to bed. I would also like to have control over the 2 without leaving the chair. Ideally I could maintain some control at the box for family members confused by the remote.

What products do I need to accomplish this?

What is the brand and model of the fan?

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Bentley II 18.9 in Bronze Oscillating Ceiling fan, Model AL14-TB

since you already have the hard part done (the wiring), i’d just replace the single gang box with a dual gang and put in a fan switch and an on/off switch.

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Do you have a neutral at the light box?

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The user manual is very helpful.

Whenever you have a fan which has its own specialty wall switch, it can be a little complicated to figure out what to substitute for it.

My guess would be that, indeed, you’ll need a fan switch like the Leviton VRF01 to control the low/medium/high Motor and a separate on/off switch and that this will require converting the single gang switch to a double gang.

But honestly, I have no idea exactly how that wiring would work. I don’t quite understand the diagram that’s in the user manual. But then, I’m no wiring expert. ( i’m pretty good on the device features of the networked switches and relays, but not on the wiring for them.)

Anyway, hopefully @Navat604 or one of the other electricians in the community can take a look at the user manual and see if it could be simply converted to two wall switches.

I glanced at the diagram in the manual,not to sure that it isn’t some proprietary or unique to this device setup.

Same question as above by @JDRoberts. Do you have neutral at the box. If the electrician wired the fan as per the wiring diagram in the manual then the neutral is at the fan fixture box.
Easiest way to find out is look at how many wires behind the wall switch. 3 wires total = line hot, fan load and oscillator load. In this case, you won’t be able to automate your fan without adding a neutral to the switch.
If you have 6 or more wires then there is hope and you should be able to automate the fan/oscillator but you will need a double gangbox due to space. You could get a fan switch and a in wall relay module for the oscillator but space is limited and with that many wires. It’s gonna be tough with single gang box.

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The neutral passes through the control box on the way to the fixture. So yes I have neutral at the control box I can tie into. This also precludes me from using a relay module behind the switch because the box is full of 12ga copper. I don’t think this will be worth it to change to a double gang box. It currently has a pretty clean look on the front deck and high WAF.

I have read about people using relay modules in the canopy. That would give me smartthings control and a minimote would give local wireless control. The only thing I’m unsure of is how the relays behave on power cycle. If they work like a light bulb then luddite control at the physical switch would be as easy as turning the switch off and on again. Otherwise I’m not sure.

Thanks for the help.

If that’s the case and line hot, neutral going from switch box to fan/light fixture box. You can have fan switch at the switch box and an in wall relay module at the fan/light fixture box. If there is enough wires. This way you will be able to automate both.

Did you ever get this to work? I bought the same fan. I can get the three speed Z-wave fan controller to work but can’t get oscillation to work. I tried using just a plain on/off Z-wave GE toggle switch for oscillation but it doesn’t do anything.

What did you get to work for oscillation?