False triggers pir sensor hc-sr501

Hello. I have been using “domoticz” recently and I am very happy. I want to use it first and foremost to guard an outdoor garden. I have bees and I want to put motion sensors. I came across projects that work through the “domoticz”, but the sensors emit a lot of false signals. perhaps from the sun or the movement of the leaves of the trees.
these sensors that I have and want to use are “pir sensor hc-sr501”.
my question is is there any way to combine or change their sensitivity software with “domoticz”?
For example, 2 sensors must be activated and only then I will receive a notification. in case of single operation from one sensor to filter or I don’t know …
can the platform itself have any option to handle such a task?

I don’t have False triggers inside the house. just outdoors!

there are photo traps / hunting cameras that also seem to use similar sensors that work on the principle of infrared light, but there are not so many false positives. So maybe I’m using the wrong sensor or the software needs to be filtered.
I’m asking for help!

This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings ™ home automation platform which is a competitor to Domoticz, so I’m afraid you probably won’t get much help here. People using smartthings would not normally be using Domoticz and the two systems work quite differently as far as managing device settings.

You’ll probably get a better answer in their forum. Good luck!


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