ADT/ST Motion PIR Sensor False alarm

One of my PIR Motion sensor (ADT/ST dual branded) has been detected false motions, last time triggers alarm when away… any idea how to deal with that, adjust or solve it ? THANKS

could be insects (then lay out sticky traps or something, probably won’t work),

but single-tech sensors are notorious for falsing no matter what you do, which is why cameras are recommended for manual verification. Workaround is double/multi-tech like microwave+PIR etc, and cross-zoning (2+ zones have to trigger in close time). I don’t know if you can implement these in your system.

I don’t want automatic police or fire dispatch by my system. Falsing is inevitable, verification and maintenance is essential.

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Thanks for share !..I bet for the batteries, some users have experimented that 80% of the mysterious cases are for this, no matter ST battery report because seems is useless, in my case, devices have more than 10 months installed and working and batteries report are still in 100%… lets see if thats the case (I hope because is simple…just renew batteries…)