False alarm motion sensors

I recently purchased a new motion sensor (V2) and attached it to my hub (also V2). Almost immediately the sensor started triggering false motion alarm. I am using the app “notify me when”. I have in the same box a motion sensor V1 linked to the same app. Even hidden away in a box I started receiving these false alarms. I started checking with the community on potential solutions and after trying a few ideas this is what I can report back: I took the power and batteries out of the hub and waited 15 minutes after putting everything together the V2 sensor was still triggering a false alarm but not as often. Only after I removed the V2 sensor from the “notify me when” app it started working correctly. In the last 24 hours I did not have one single false alarm.

I had the same issue but with the Smart Home Monitor. Soon as I removed it from there, I had no more false alarms.

Send a message to support so they are aware and can add it to their list of things to fix.

Same here. St isn’t ready for security yet imo.