Failures again

Holy smokes. Now that’s a meaningful response.


I wish this wasn’t necessary, but boy this is PERFECT! Thank you for taking the time. I know you guys are super busy and don’t have time to spend on writing detail messages, but this is the kind of transparency that many asked for. Sharing your struggles and pain points with us, gives us the fuel to be more understanding when things fail and more optimistic that things will get better. Thank you!


this is probably the most non-st staff response i have seen in the 10 months i have been here. To me it is a level of transparency with the community that has been lacking. It also explains why support’s replies are often less than helpful.


Thanks much, @vlad for the comprehensive discussion of the problems you guys are facing. This is fantastic! And it gives us propeller heads something to chew on in the meantime, LOL :smiley:
Appreciate the effort you and @slagle went to today to provide this information. Also thanks to @Aaron for reaching out to me on my specific issue reported earlier to support.
Nice job, guys!


Most excellent post @vlad, thank you for this! I hope we see more of the inner workings with similar posts in the future!