Extracting values for tracking historical data

Is there any widely used systems or applications for pulling values out of Smartthings (or pushing the values out.)

I’m thinking of something that can dashboard, say, temperature trends, open/close plotting over time, etc.

People have done this many different ways over the years, most depending on third-party services of some kind.

There’s an FAQ on this, although it’s somewhat out of date, but it might give you a place to start. Also, I don’t know what will be available once the transition to the new platform architecture is done.

ROUNDUP: Data Logging and Charting Solutions

You can also see past discussions under the “logging“ tag in this forum, but since groovy will be going away soon, again, I don’t know what will work on the new architecture. :thinking:


Awesome, I will check it out and play around with things. I figure things will change with Edge … but … at least this gives me something to get started with :slight_smile:

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