External Siren paired to new ADT hub?

Little frustrating here. Just bought the all new ADT/ST hub as well as some ST z-wave sensors to only find out the non ADT sensors dont work for the security side of the alarm system. Example, door sensor works with the ST side of the hub but wont trigger the alarm on the ADT side and set off the Siren.
The internal siren isnt loud enough to scare away intruders so I was going to add a z-wave siren, however looking at how ADT and ST dont really interact a siren wont work when the ADT security alarm is tripped.
Am I missing something? Is there a way to have ST report to the ADT portion of the hub? Did I buy a paperweight for a hub?


If you take a look at the FAQ section towards the bottom of the page, they do cover that.

So no, not a paperweight. But they keep he ST side and the ADT side pretty separate, at least as far as devices go.

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So, How do I make an external siren work when the ADT alarm is triggered?

The short answer is, you don’t.

The main selling point of this new version of the hub with ADT is the central monitoring that is available, with cellular backup and an option for fire monitoring too (which wasn’t available with any previous versions of the ST hub).

Presumably to get ADT on board they had to separate the ST and ADT functions of it because, frankly, ST has seemingly never-ending issues related to reliability.

The longer answer is, you can check this thread and talk to the people that have the adt hub to see whether they’re getting it integrated into WebCoRE in such a way that you could get z-wave sirens to go off when the ADT hub’s security alert is triggered.


You don’t want your alarm system to be dependent on ST anyway, very bad idea.
ST is so unreliable and cloud based you should be glad it just works as a stand alone system. I use ST as an added security and to trigger other events that my regular alarm can’t do, such as turning a strobe light on, a z-wave siren, sending push notifications etc…

Most built-in alarm speakers are not loud enough.
I have added a self contained (vandal proof and weatherproof) siren to my alarm (GE SIMON), it is unbearably loud. You should be able to do the same, your alarm is different but they all work more or less the same way, check out my wiring diagram at this link, the only difference with your alarm is that you will need to figure out what are the trigger connections on your panel and how to connect your siren if it’s not the same model as mine. Originally this was to show how to add an ST sensor to the SIMON alarm but it also shows you how to wire an external siren

I’m not trying to make it dependant. Just add Some actual functionality in the alarm side. Like a louder siren that can be added to the other side of the house or my room for security purposes. Also would like to add a smart deadbolt that when password is entered the alarm is disarmed. Just want that cool functions of ST. But ADT won’t command the ST side of things and vice versa when it comes to the security side. I’m looking into webcore when I have time. Just pissed cause it’s almost false advertising that it’s an integrated unit.

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I am not familiar with the ADT hub and any of it’s outputs. Does it have any physical output such as contacts that close when the alarm goes off? Is the ADT hub able to activate any smart outlets or switches at all? Or is the internal little speaker the only thing that really triggers when the alarm goes off.

And yes, I have read many things that state only the encrypted ADT specific sensors will work with ADT

I am not familiar with it either but like I said most panels are very similar. Jsport should be able to respond just looking at his connections or simply the manual but I would be shocked if the panel did not have an external siren wiring option, either direct (integrated 12 volts output relay) or indirect such as the Simon alarm panel. Indirect is way better as it allows to have a separate power source to the siren so once the siren is triggered it will stay on even if the bad guy destroys the alarm panel. I have not tried to connect my alarm z-wave sensors to ST but from what I’ve read before they will not connect to ST, which I think is good as they can’t be hacked via the web.

Its possible to use an external siren with WebCoRE… At least for now…

Here is an example:

Just change code to trigger your external siren when the ADT hub Siren goes off and have it shut the external siren off when the ADT hub Siren goes off… Let us know if this helps do what you needed.


This can be done in WebCoRE quite easily.

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There is a smart app called adt tools that will do this now

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Sorry to bump this thread from months ago but I’ve tried using webcore since it has the “siren” and “strobe” states in it but they simply don’t work. The piston never triggers as if maybe those status variables don’t actually exist.

Any ideas?

I would still suggest ADT Tools. Do you use all ADT sensors or do you operate using non ADT Door/Windows/Motion sensors with it.

That’s fine. I’m not opposed to using it. I just want to avoid issues like tripping the alarm when exiting or re-entering the house. I figured getting the status from the panel directly was the most foolproof way but if it’s not possible then I’ll do whatever works. I have a TON of ST sensors but I also have adt sensors all over the house for all of the alarm functions.

ADT Tools does get thet status from the panel so i am not sure why you think it doesn’t. The original alert apps all depend on the alarm and a specified ADT Sensor being triggerd. When the alarm is triggered the panel sets it alarm ability to the device id that was triggered. ADT Tools sees that change and then verifies it is a sensor you select to monitor. Once that is verified it completes the actions you setup in the ADT alert action app you setup. That logic means those child apps will only work when the ADT alarm goes off and the sensor is integrated with ADT Tools. By the fact that these are ADT sensors and the ADT Alarm Panel is managing if alarm is triggered it’s entry and exit delays prevent the false alarms.

The only time this gets blurry is when you use non dual branded Sensors. That is simply because they can’t send anything to the ADT side of the system. Pior to the ADT Any Sensor Alert child app there was no way to use those sensors with the panel for any kind of alarm monitoring. When I first released the ADT Any Sensor Alert app it did use the Alarm panel for current state. That worked well except when you arm and disarm the alarm from the panel or other apps it changes the state of the panel immediately. Simply put ADT is managing the delay outside of the panel armed state. This can create issues with non ADT sensors as they can trigger as soon as you turn on the alarm. It wasn’t long ago that both the ADT Mode change app and the Any Alert Sensor apps were updated to try to help with this. Simply put the ADT Mode change app will now keep your location alarm mode in sync with the panel, and the ADT Alert Child app uses the location alarm status. The ADT Mode change app delays the arming of the location with a value you specify for a kind of exit delay. I don’t really have a solution for entry delay though.

If your primary usage of this is with ADT Sensors then the alarm is 100% in control and there is no reason to worry about what you were saying. If not I think this is still probably better then SHM provides

Feel free to try the app and let me know exactly what problems you experience. I am confident if you try it you will find that these things you are concerned with aren’t actually there

I just pushed out a few more updates to the ADT Tools application. A summary of the changes are as follows

  1. Updated the Mode change app to allow for users to select if they wanted to keep the location alarm state and the Smartthings ADT Panel in sync. There are some benfits to doing this, especially if you want to use the Any Alert Sensor App.
  2. I rolled out the Camera functionality that I have been working on with the Any Sensor Alert app to the remaining child apps. This includes what was previously not fully working repeat recordings. Now you can record video if you like on any or all cameras and you can have it record as long as the alarm is active in clips between 5 and 120 seconds until the alarm is disarmed.
  3. I cleaned up a few text things here and their so that may also be improved.

You may need to removed and reinstall some of your child apps to get to them to work fully after this change. I found I needed to do his with the Mode Change app. So before reporting any issues please try that first.

The ADT Installer Toolbox code that is located behind the smartthings in the bottom left corner is 1501

Hi Mavrrick,

I am using the Smartapp and it seems to work perfectly in terms of Turning on two Aeon Sirens . I tried to get this to work properly with WebCore and it did indeed work but I could not get the sirens to turn off automatically when the Alarm was “disarmed”. The is flawless with your app. I just have a couple questions.

Everything that I have tied to the SmartThings ADT Panel/Hub is 'Dual Branded". I am also using a SmartThings Hub with many Sensors connected that are not necessarily part of the Security System but everything is essentially tied together.

It would be great if I could use some of these sensors from SmartThings as part of a trigger to Alarm the Panel when it is armed and this would trigger the sirens. Any hope of doing this?

Thanks in Advance and I will be making a Donation Tomorrow… Nice Work!!!


I must confess I don’t have a Smartthings ADT panel because like all the so-called smart products from ADT they are not available in the UK but in general Alarm system makers do not allow external systems to control the alarm system.

This is presumably mostly a semi-reasonably security concern but often the impression is that it is also a combination of laziness and protectionism. (They don’t want you buying someone else’s better and cheaper sensors.)

So as far as I have seen both on the marketing website and in these forums the answer is a definite no, you cannot trigger an alarm state other than via the official ADT sensors.

For what it’s worth I would like this facility but in a slightly different way. I would like to use 3rd party smoke e.g. Nest Protect and water leak sensors e.g. Leaksmart to trigger equivalent alarm states on an alarm panel. This is equally forbidden. :frowning:

Some alarm systems support Z-Wave accessories but again these alarm systems are typically not available in the UK, I also get the impression it is more aimed at allowing an alarm system to turn Z-Wave lights on when it detects motion and not for using Z-Wave sensors. Also such alarm systems act as a Z-Wave hub so would not be able to work hand in hand with Smartthings with regards to Z-Wave.

The nearest potential solution I have seen would be to have a DSC PowerSeries alarm panel with an Envisalink module. I get the impression but have not tried it that the DSCServer software used with the Envisalink module might be able to send an alarm trigger command. Therefore it might be possible to have a non-DSC sensor cause this trigger.