Extend Network Range?

What is the best way to extend the range of my network? My garage is street level but my house is not (we are on a hill). I was having problems with my MimoLite but when I moved the Hub closer it worked fine. I thought I read that there are some devices that extend the network… what are those or do I have to buy another hub :frowning:



I would recommend the GE/Jasco Outlets:


They act as repeaters for the z-wave signal and are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. I would find the outlet in your house closest to the garage install one there. You could even install a second one in your garage if the outlet is closer to the house then the MimoLite. If I remember right, the z-wave protocol allows up to 3 intermediary devices between the hub and the destination device.

Keep in mind that the Zigbee and Z-Wave mesh networks will operate independently. But in general, a plug-in unit will act as an extender for whichever protocol (Zigbee or Z-Wave) it supports. If you want to extend the range to farther-out Things, you might want to get some to space in between them and the hub. If you’re using Z-wave devices, the above suggested outlets would act as repeaters. Some of the SmartThings branded devices (e.g. the motion sensor when plugged in) would extend Zigbee range.

Hmmm the interesting thing is my ST Multi works fine with the Hub in its original spot but the MimoLite needs it to be closer so does Zigbee have better range than Z-wave? I guess I have to take Blakes suggestion because I only need these 2 devices up in my garage but everything else is down at my house level. :frowning:

The only way I know to compare the difference between the two signals is kind of like AM and FM radio signals. Zigbee would be the AM and Z-Wave would be the FM … AM radio travels farther but is not as ‘concentrated’ … FM is more concentrated and does not have the range that AM does. Zigbee has a better range than Z-wave. At least that’s how I understand it.

Great opportunity for someone to come up with a z-wave/ZigBee multi-protocol range extender. Would be a great KS campaign. If there was a z-wave Arduino shield you could build one pretty easily but alas… I’ve been searching and searching.

They do have a shield :slight_smile: https://shop.smartthings.com/#!/kits/maker-kit