Experience using ZOOZ z-wave plus on/off toggle switch?

Hi @baboss, a Z-Wave extender is definitely your best best. Open-space of 88feet is not much of an issue but the walls in the barn definitely are an obstruction. Depending on material, it may be fixed by one extender on the porch or it may need another one on the exterior wall of the barn. The Aeon Labs extender is also a signal amplifier so it will always extend the signal better than a regular Z-Wave device with a built-in repeater. Let us know if the extender does the job!

I have Zooz ZEN24 that works fine with Smartthings app both the control and indications, but when I turn the dimmer on or off manually the app does not show the current status of the switch, it just shows the last commanded state from the app. I’ve tried the following device handlers and get the same result Dimmer Switch and Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic. I also have a GE dimmer switch which works just fine.

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I fixed the problem I was having by moving the air gap to the left waiting a minute then moving it back to the right.

Actually did not get it installed back in July. I contacted an electrician and told me the switch was defective. I was able to wire a normal switch and my Hue bulbs work just fine with that.

Just wanted to comment here that while this was true for third generation Z wave, it’s no longer true with the current generations. Pretty much all zwave 4th and 5th generations devices are already running at the full transmission power allowed by the standard. There’s no reason to get a single purpose “range extender” anymore – – any mains powered device should work fine and give you equal range extension. That includes light switches, pocket sockets, in wall relays, etc. :sunglasses:

I have had mine for about two months and I really like them

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I just installed a ZOOZ ZEN24 Dimmer Switch. It paired without any issues and is working fine.
It is 20ft away from the hub and I paired it without moving the hub.

I originally wanted to use this and a GE 12728 Add-On Switch for a 3-way application but the the switch wiring was too complex to figure out(there were multiple 3-way switches in the same box) and I abandoned that thought and instead replaced a regular switch with the ZOOZ ZEN24.

For ZOOZ ZEN24 can I use Type: Z-Wave Dimmer Switch Generic?

Sure, that should work. If you also include it by clicking on Add Thing > Start looking for things, it will be recognized as a dimmer as well.

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What kind of wall plate fit on ZEN24, I tried the model below but the screw is too long, I check on store all this kind of wall plate have the same size of screw, I believe the size 1/inch.

On Manual I do not found any information about this.

When I tried fix the wall plate I damaged the hole.

Use that same cover plate, but with the shorter screws that come with decora cover plate.

I cut the screws with one of theses https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB18lq9KVXXXXcbaXXXq6xXFXXXd/Multi-function-font-b-Auto-b-font-font-b-Wire-b-font-Cable-Terminals-Crimping-Cutter.jpg

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@Jason_Brown Thank you, but I do not I agree to do this, this kind switch is not cheaper, I hope the manufacturer need give all the information for us.

Why I need different screw, I not expert on Wall Plate, I was on Homedepot show ZEN24 than they told told me is not standard.

Hi @emersonvier,

Standard toggle plates come with long screws which are designed for use with regular electrical switches but do not fit the design of electronic switches. Most wall plates for decora switches will already include shorter screws since electronic versions of this style switches have been around for much longer. An electrician will be able to adjust the length of screws with basic pliers tool and it’s quite common to do that depending of the type of devices installed. We also made a note for our production team to start including shorter wall plate screws in the box for the convenience of our DIY customers. In the meantime, we’ll be happy to send you a set of short screws once you get in touch with our customer service: http://www.thesmartesthouse.com/pages/contact-us

@TheSmartestHouse Thank you but as wrote I damaged one hole of my device, I cant fix any kind of screw :frowning:

Just contact our support and we’ll have the device replaced for you and include a set of short screws with the new switch. That should resolve the issue :slight_smile:


@TheSmartestHouse Thank you, I really appreciate your support :grinning:

No problem @emersonvier, thanks for giving us a chance to make this right!

Just got 4 Zen21 switches installed the second one today and I have no control from ST. Shows always on in the app and not able to change the state. I have tried Zwave relay, Zwave switch, Zwave switch, and Zwave switch generic as device types and no change.

I used the z-wave relay DTH on my zen21 switches. Did you run the z-wave repair on your ST hub?