Expandable Zigbee Repeater Solution (With Temperature, Humidity, Pressure and Light sensors)

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Got it. thank you!

Even better, use conformal coating spray. Can be had from multiple sources. (except mask light sensor active area and push button top.) I use it all the time. One can will last years.

How do you use the DTH to the IDE? Which IDE? and how do you deploy .groovy files to an embedded board?

Many thanks in advance.

This may help…

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I just want to update the community that I will be ordering a few new boards. I have made some of improvement on the hardware side.

I have been getting questions whether I have module to share on my inbox. I do not have any modules available as we speak. I apologize that I have not been able to get to answer them. Between working on the new board and my day job, I have very been very busy.

In term of ETA, I should be getting the board sometime in thanksgiving. Some of the components will be arriving at the same time. I will have free time during the year end break when I can build them. If everything goes as plan, I will have some module to share at this time.

FYI, I am doing this as a hobby. I wish that I can manufacture the module in the future once the design is set. Until then, the number of module that I can build will be small. It also would be available sparsely. I am really sorry about this for those who are expecting the modules at this time. I will keep everyone updated with my progress here.



Can’t wait to see what happens with this =)

I need to measure multiple temp zones accurately, and I’m looking for a solution that will cost effective.

Hi Everyone,

Some of you have sent me PM for the modules or any other matter. I am sorry that I have not been doing a good job replying them. I am trying to concentrate my time to build these module. I have most of the parts to build the modules. I am assembling them in my spare time. I have chance to build and test less than a hand full during Thanksgiving. More is being build.

FYI, I have started assembling 30 boards. I will update the thread soon as they become available.
For those who are interested on them, I hope I can get your help to reach out to me again after the announcement. I am afraid that if I have to go back to my inbox, I may miss someone.



Hi Everyone,

I have promised to update here when I completed my build. I just in fact did so. Here are the new modules assembled.

They are ready to share. I know that I got PM from way back a few months ago. I will try to reach back to those who has PM me. But, If I miss anyone, please help to remind me that you are interested in the modules.

I am not sure whether I have enough for everyone. Please let me know how many you would like to have. I will get back to you and confirm with the final quantity so that I can distribute the modules to as many member as possible.

I also want to wish everyone a happy holiday.



Wow, impressive, I’m certainly interested in 2 if possible ? I wouldn’t mind playing around with the PIR+Microwave sensor for presence detection as well.

Hi James,

I do not have the module to share at this moment. I will let you know if things come up.

I apologize for the late reply. I am working on extending the sensor to do some other stuff. This is the same sensor with AC power. I am planning to run it with my home smoke detector. Sorry for a long video here. It may give you some idea on what I am working on. If you are interested on this module, I will let you know once I am comfortable to share them out. The demo is on different hub. But, I will have DTH that will run in SmartThings.


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@iharyadi that’s quite ok I can understand the demand for them.

Have you considered have the blank PCB’s printed in bulk in China, and allowing people to donate some funds, and them adding the chipset themselves

I’d certainly be interested in getting a copy of the traces for the PCB

My ideal use for them is just a low power general sensor platform that could be connected to a 18650 battery in a 3D printed case taking a simple analog sensor to provide an output to a hass.io / zigbee / maybe something a bit smarter with a ttyl component

Thank you again for your contribution and commitment to this community

dear Iman

I am interested in your modules.
Would need few of them for aqara

Are they still available ?

thank you

I am sorry for late reply. I will have some more available in the next few days. I will need to test them. Once, they look good I will let you know. I hope the timing is fine with you. At this exact moment, I do not have small modules. I have some in Arduino shield form.


Hi Everyone,

I just want to let you know that I have availability of the Homemade sensors that I have been making.

Today is the official mark from that we are graduated from Homemade stage. The current batch is the first significant batch build by manufacturer. I expect the manufacturing process is superior compared to what I have been able to do in the past.

I have significant quantity ordered. Within reason, I should be able to full fill quantity that you need.

I also want to extend my appreciation to the community and specially to those who had donated/purchased my sensors in the past. I hope you find them useful.

It has been a long thread. If you just read this portion, in summary, the sensor that I have made is a Zigbee Environment Sensor (4 sensors in 1… temperature, humidity, pressure and light). It is expandable where you can control simple IO and Analog sensor. It also has serial port expand-ability which you can use as Thingshield replacement. It is a Zigbee 3.0 repeater with hardware power amplifier for extended coverage. The Zigbee 3.0 compatibility will help to keep those Xiaomi sensor.



I just setup an Ebay listing for convenience.

I have to increase the price due to ebay+paypal fee. For community member, if you still would like to purchase the modules directly here, you can PM me. I will commit to my original price of $28 shipped to US address.


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What about orders to Canada? When might you set up international shipping? I just got shot down trying to place an order.

I will be happy to send to you. I sent some sensor to Canada in the past using USPS. That time it cost around $15 for the shipping with USPS.

Having said that, today is a bit different time due the COVID-19. The shipping cost will not be different. However, there could be some risk in delivery. If you are willing to take the risk, I am can try to ship the sensor to you.

I use paypal. Paypal also have UPS. This is expensive but may not be affected by delay. If you are open to this option, I am happy to check what It would cost. But, as of now, I can guess that it would be multiple order of the $15 that USPS charge.

Let me know.



I looked at the USPS status page in regard to international shipping. I do get questions for shipping from time to time from other users as well. Here is the USPS status page for each country.

Based on that page, I am now opening shipping for international destination. I also will take advantage Ebay shipping vs paypal. It seems Ebay rate is better.

There is a good news. Those who has qualified Ebay account, there is $5 off coupon eligible for this item. This is not my coupon. I do not have control who are eligible. Ebay somehow kind enough to have this promotion. I thought I just share it.