"Exclude" GE Link bulbs from Wink Link hub?

Hello all. I’m a new Smartthings owner who’s moving from two platforms. I have a Razberry for z-wave devices and a Wink Link intro kit that had two link bulbs and a “free” wink hub.

Excluding my z-wave devices from the Razberry and moving them to the Smartthings was actually very easy. Everything in that respect is working much better. I’m having trouble figuring out how to do the same with the GE Link bulbs. Any information here would be appreciated. The only thing I’ve found was the GE Link reset function where you flip the bulb on and off 5 times waiting 3 seconds between toggles. I’ve tried this once with no effect.

Any assistance here would be appreciated. I’d like to consolidate my equipment to one platform.

Thank you for your time

I have found the bulbs to be inconsistent on the resetting.

I just start with the bulb on. I turn off and count to five slowly, then turn on and count to five slowly, and I just repeat this pattern until the lights do the slow dim reset notification.

Sometimes it takes three times, sometimes five, sometimes much more.

Exclude is A zwave function.

The GE bulbs are using Zigbee, a different communication protocol than zwave. You don’t need to do a directed exclude, you just factory reset each individual device. For Zigbee bulbs, that is typically done with the blink method (although hues don’t use that).

The GE bulbs do use the method, you just have to find the right on/off pattern from the manufacturer’s instructions. It often does take several tries.

Once the bulb blinks on its own, the reset is complete, and it is ready to be paired to a new Zigbee network.