Excited newbie (EU)

Hi all,
First I have to say, what an awesome forum. Spent some time around and only positive feedback in the threads.
Small introduction:
I am building a new home for my family and obviously I want it smart. The house is far from finished but I couldn’t wait trying out some new smart ways to get around. I started some time ago with domoticz on a raspberry pi with zwave, got light and camera connected that I purchased. Door sensor from fibaro I couldn’t get working :roll_eyes: I found the domoticz quite unstable and lot of maintenance so I started looking around. Choice was : fibaro home center, homey or ST. The community of ST got me over the line and ST it is.

I’m willing to learn and keen on figuring out things myself, but I need some starting point. If anyone could direct me to some good YouTube videos about getting started with ST, that would be great. For example, how do I start with api to get strange devices connected.

Also one of the things I’m looking at right now is wall switches for light. Since it is about time for me to purchase wall switches for the whole house, I could use some tips. Should I purchase some zwave light switches and if yes, which one do you recommend that works well with ST. Or should I perhaps purchase light modules like the one from fibaro :

Last but not least, any plug and play alarm sets that work well with ST?

I know, I know, long story and many questions… My apologies for that. Hopefully in some time I will be able to support in this community as well :tada:

Looking forward to start with ST and learn a lot along the way. Kinda excited about this.

Thanks for all the feedback.

Regards, Frenk

Welcome! :sunglasses: Congratulations on the new house, sounds like an exciting project!

First things first, are you in the US or Europe/UK? The device selection does vary somewhat so it does make a difference as far as the advice that people can give you.

Next, I’m not sure about videos, but if you don’t mind reading text I would suggest you start with the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look in the project report section, and look on the “get started” List. There should be a lot there to inspire you. :tada:


Also, since it sounds like you have a good technical background, you might also want to take a look at the technical welcome letter:


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I’m based in EU zone. Sorry I was indeed aware there is a difference, forgot to mention it.

Since I am commuting by train very often I have plenty of time to read, will definitely check out the wiki. Wiki always helped me with openelec / kodi a lot in the past as so did for domoticz.

Not very technical myself, but I like to believe I learn fast and don’t shy away from some complexity (not too much though).

Thanks JDRoberts some food for thought always appreciated :grinning:

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I’m sure there are lots of EU/UK members who will be glad to help with advice. I’m going to tag @anon36505037 since he has outfitted his whole house with Fibaro lighting kit, but I’m sure many other members will also have ideas for you. Welcome again! :sunglasses:

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Sorry, new to board and didn’t know how to send a question. Saw your GE ZWAVE 3 way comments and had a question. I thought I set mine up correctly and it is working, but the blue light doesn’t come on. Could that mean I accidentally swapped the Master and add on when I set them up? Thanks for any thoughts

Please ask questions about the GE switches (which are not available in Europe, by the way) in the following thread and someone there will be glad to help you. :sunglasses:. (This is a clickable link.)

Community: please take any follow on discussion of non-UK devices to the appropriate thread so the OP for this thread does not get confused. Thanks!

Welcome to the party! You are in good hands with these guys :slight_smile: