Excessive, Intermittent Lag

I’ve been fighting this issue for as long as I can remember and it is driving me up a wall. About 30-40% of the time there is a significant lag between my input and the device changing state.

It doesn’t matter if I’m using voice control to turn on a wired light switch, a wireless door sensor turning on a light, using the app to turn on the bathroom fan, etc. There is no rhyme or reason to the issue. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes I’ll wait 10 - 30s for the device to change state and other times, nothing happens.

I have 38 wired devices, 5 wireless door sensors, 2 locks, a thermostat and one light bulb, so I’m pretty positive that I have a solid mesh. They are all over the house and there are at least 2 devices in each room.

A network repair hasn’t helped. Can anyone tell me where to start?

Since you mentioned running a network repair, I’m assuming at least some of the devices on your network are Z-Wave? Is it fully Z-Wave or also have Zigbee mixed in?

Do any of your devices report energy usage? Those devices are known to cause network congestion as they can be very chatty.

Are your devices using custom DTH’s or using the stock ones? What are you using for building out the rules (built-in Automations, SmartLighting, WebCore, etc)?

Thanks for the help.

All my devices are Z-Wave. I don’t have any Zigbee devices.

All of my Zen25 Double plugs report energy (I have 11 of them) but I’ve went into the settings and set them all to their maximum values. I ran into that issue before when they were all turned on causing the network to all but crash. Live logging inside of IDE could barely keep up. That no longer happens when they are all turned on.

I’m using custom device handlers for the devices that have them (to my knowledge it’s just the zooz devices). The rules were created in WebCore and I have 4 lighting scenes I created inside of the new ST app.

Thanks again for helping. This is driving me up a wall.

I have had a ghost for along time (years) which manifests itself in 2 week, 30 sec delays, for a block of my Z-Wave GE switches; it starts and then ends just as abruptly.
Nothing I have done makes a difference and as time has progressed I lean toward the assumption that the commonality maybe be they are all the very first switches I put in 5+ years ago.
Firmware wise they are probably neolithic and have random bouts of “What’s the new protocol is saying?”