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Hello everyone,

I use CoRE for all my lighting and door/window sensors. Nothing super fancy nor do I use it as a security system but 10-12 seconds to respond is unacceptable

I have a Piston that turns on my garage light when the door opens, nothing happens when it closes until the second time it open/closes, been working for months. Last night I went to the garage, the light was on, shouldn’t have been based on how we use the garage/light/Piston, oh well. So I stepped out into the garage and waited by the door for the light to go off as I suspected it would, counted to 5, 6, 7, 8, nothing so I walked away, got half way across the garage and the light went out.

10-12 seconds passed before the system responded to the contact sensor change.

I have had lots of lag time lately from different things but 10-12 seconds was by far the worst.

Sure hope ST gets this system fixed real soon


It’s hard to say for sure in your case, but when ever I’ve noticed lag like that with devices responding to apps or commands, most of the time that’s been a good sign for me that I’ve had a zwave device fall off the mesh or is having problems. That will cause routing of messages to fail or be delayed. Luckily, everything for me today is practically instantaneous, even when telling Alexa to turn on/off lights, or using our minimotes.

In fact, I’m having that exact problem this weekend. I saw “Lisa’s Closet Lights [DC]: Not responding” in the hub’s event log, and knew something was up. A repair didn’t resolve, but power cycling did (air gap switch). As soon as that happened, my lag issue went away. This is an older GE 4xxxx model switch, which have been known to die a slow death. I’ve had 3 of these die over the last few months, and I replaced them with the new GE 12xxx models. I’ll be stopping at Lowes on my way home from work tomorrow for another one now.

I’m not saying ST doesn’t have their fair share of issues, just that sometime it’s not always an ST issue.


Mine’s been doing that too for weeks now, random, z-wave and zigbee both. Z-Wave repairs do no good, they show no errors. I’ve reset every device in the past weeks as well. Really seems to be the platform for me.

Edit: Just went into the IDE and hit Hubs, get an error 500. Maybe ST totally forgot about me :slight_smile: even though it says I have one hub!

@michaelahess - Don’t worry… I especially haven’t forgotten about you! :+1:

(Note - when reading, think cheeky tone and not ominous)

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Interestingly did a repair last night after posting this, two Iris smart outlet zwave repeaters were dead, just removed them. Didn’t notice any issues yet this morning but I do have a question.

I have a spare HEMv1 I use for various things, it’s powered off most of the time, would this cause issues? Since the mesh may be expecting it anyway? I don’t recall ever doing a repair when powering it or right after. Nothing in my mind correlates failure to its status.

Good news for me :slight_smile:

Z-Wave repairs have not helped, nor have I seen any orphaned or dead devices, however I had the power off to the house yesterday for about 15 mins doing some main panel work and this morning, the garage light triggered before I even stepped into the garage on 2 different occasions, much better for sure



Powered off completely? If so, and any devices were using it as a repeater, it will cause some inefficiency in your network. A device might try asking it to repeat, get the fail, and then have to resend the message via different route. But it won’t break anything as long as all the other devices still have some path to the hub.

That was really the intention of the mesh topology. That human beings wouldn’t have to keep track of what was on or off the network at any given moment, because the devices would find someway to route the messages anyway.

So you might be creating a little extra delay for some events by not keeping the address tables up to date, but that should be it.

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Yeah off completely. I removed it for now. Removed half of those Iris repeaters that kept failing. Haven’t been able to tell if things have improved measurably or not though. Still having apparently platform delays. When a z-wave repair runs and shows no errors, some z-wave relay’s still may take up to 10 seconds to respond. 99% sure it’s the platform.

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I can’t figure out what’s going on with those Iris pocket sockets. Lots of different reports about the Z wave repeaters not repeating but the reports themselves are not consistent in the conditions. Which doesn’t mean anything other than maybe it’s just a variable problem or maybe it occurs variably under multiple conditions. I stopped recommending them about two months ago because of all the issues people were reporting. Which is too bad, it was a nice concept.

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Well this morning I opened my front door, 2 lights are designed to come on with this event, it took nearly 5 seconds for them to turn on.

Both are GE switches, nothing fancy

My garage light is quick at times (<1 sec) and other times 3-5 seconds

Oh well