Excess Solar power

Hi experts! New to ST and general HA looking for advice…

I am trying to figure out the simplest way to automate the switching on (& Off) of IR Panel heaters in Winter and Air Conditioning in Summer when my Solar PV install is generating excess energy.

I have a Solar iBoost which heats hot water via an immersion heater when excess energy is generated, it has a second currently unused 240v 3Kw output but its in an airing cupboard so i cant wire directly from that…

I have a smarthings hub, can i connect a z-wave device to the iboost secondary output, so when 240v is applied to it, it can send a control message to a remote socket/relay (in series with a thermostat) which turns on the heater/ac?

I was looking at the Everspring in-wall but am not certain it can do what i want?

Vesternet have suggested a Fibaro relay to set a scene but i have no experience of that.

I also have a Solaredge Zigbee controller but the Solaredge device switches are very expensive and needs a modbus meter installed.

Another option would be Smapee, but that’s yet another ecosystem to deal with.

I’m sure as time goes by more people will want this level of control to maximize their Solar generation. Ideas please!


Surely you want to dump the excess back to the grid and earn some cash?


The UK Feed-in-tariff doesn’t work like that, current FITs get paid 50% of everything generated, regardless of usage. So the optimum is to use 100% of generated Solar as i will still get paid 50% on all KWh generated.

Ah didn’t know that, looking at solar myself in the next couple of years so that’s handy to know (I know the FIT changes all the time which is annoying)

Shame that the tesla power wall isn’t over here, you could make that use your waste than use all the stored energy over night.

There are quite a few dump load water heaters etc; not sure on other equipment.