eWeLink Zigbee Two-Channel Relay

thank you very much, it works, how do you feel with this device as reliability?

I have used one for over a year, and it has never gave a problem. I give five stars!

One thing, though, sometimes I change the mode to momentary by accident, which made me think it was malfunctioning, but of course I just pushed the wrong button.

thank you very much, i think to use it: 1 channel, electric lock, 2 channel, automatic gate, 3 channel, other electric lock, and the 4 channel of led lights.

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I can’t install a second device, does it always detect it as a single swicht?

Before the Edge driver was available, the device would show as two separate switches, appearing as two different devices in the SmartThings app. This is on the 2-channel relay, which I use.

After I changed to the Edge driver, the device shows Main, which is Switch1, I believe, which has the corresponding controls of Switch1, and also the option of All Switch On-Off (controlling both simultaneously) under the Main heading.

Switch2 is under a second heading, and has the corresponding controls of that switch.

I’m not sure if it is the same with the 4-channel relay, but I imagine it is similar.

maybe I have not explained myself well (my english fault) I am trying to install a new 4-channel zigbee and another 2-channel, but when I do the search they are detected as a single switch.the 2-channel one and the loratap (see photo)
thanks for the help you give me.

OK, I think I understand now.

So, is possible that those devices have not been converted to Edge drivers, and maybe that the default DTH (existing device handler / driver) doesn’t know what to do with them.

I think posting the information of those device in this forum thread below might help to get them working.


today i found the settings in my 4 channel switch routines changed. does anyone have the same problem?
only swhict 2 at the voice active and separate dissative. and the other swichts do not appear in the scenes

I’m not sure, but maybe this is a change of Smartthings app update. I don’t notice any difference in the 2-channel relay. I have scenes to open an close a door, and appear to function correctly.

@Mariano_Colmenarejo , do you think this could be related to labels, or possibly another problem caused by the latest app version?

you are right for me, because on my ipad everything works perfectly, and my ipad is not yet updated to the latest version of ST.

OK. Some problems have been happening with the new app version. I don’t know if anyone has reported this exact behavior.

** I have Android app, so could be an IOS issue

Not sure, but maybe the same problem:

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In Android last versión is working fine

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Same problem! Only in iOS app.

Just bought this 2 channel relay from amazon to control my custom made motor for the roller blinds. Everything installed successfully to smartthings app just can’t figure out how to make routines for this kind of activity, say one button to open another to close. Can anyone help me to find the right way?

Do you have it working otherwise, using the buttons on the device?

Also, are you using an Android device, or iOS? I think the iOS app has a bug with multiple switch devices in the latest update.

I’m on android. Well with buttons I have it working somehow but it’s quite tricky. I was kind of thinking both relays on works one direction relays off next direction but then I need to have one switch on to switch it off. Just can’t get my head round how to figure it out :roll_eyes:. Thanks

I see… I’m using it with a linear actuator

So, turning a switch on should go one direction, turning that switch off should stop it.

I have three scenes I use for widgets for Android, one scene to open (turn on switch1 or maiin whichever it is) another to close, turn on switch2, and another to turn off both (which just makes it easier than two scenes for turning off individually)

For automations, I’m using a remote and it’s something like this:

remote button pressed
switch1 (or main maybe) turn On or Off (this should start it and stop it on subsequent button presses)

You can do another automation for another remote button for switch2 which would do the reverse.

If you are doing a daily routine etc, it would follow the same logic substituting the button presses with other conditions, such as time, temperature etc…

I’ll try to offer some more ideas if you need something more specific.

**also, it needs to be in interlock mode, i believe to work as I described

Thanks for your reply I’ll try to play with it to find the right solution.

How is this two-channel relay shown on the SmartThings app? Does it appear as a single “device card” or it’s shown as two separate devices?
Can anyone tell me or upload a screenshot of how it looks on the app?

Thanks a lot!

Looks like this, with device named, accordingly, at the top of the screen cap.

'Main" controls one of the two switches, while “Switch2” contols the other… “Switch1” will turn on or off both simultaneously.

The one from the cap is using Mariano Colmenarejo’s Zigbee Switch Edge driver from his beta driver channel. Things may have been updated since. I need to do some updating and testing of a few devices, but, as it is, this one is working well, as described.

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