Everspring In-wall On/Off Module - AN179. Is there a device handler?

I just got one of these from Vesternet, and it added in to my ST hub as a Z-Wave Relay. It appears to work OK, but I’m pretty sure the generic Z-Wave relay doesn’t support all the various options of the switch… Is there a dedicated device handler for this anywhere?

It looks like a standard on/off relay. No additional command sets or associations. ( although the manual says it has a second Association group, it didn’t have one at the time that it was certified so I’m not sure if that was implemented or not. But normally you don’t use those in a smartthings set up anyway. )

There are a couple of parameters that you can set, one gives you the option to use a standard toggle switch with it, and one causes it to remember its last status after a power outage.

You set those as a one time configuration. If you want to change them from the defaults, you can use the Z wave tweaker DTH just to change the parameter settings, then switch back to the generic on/off DTH

yep.I tried the z wave tweaker and if you set parameter 4 to 0 (the default is 1) then the device works with a regular light switch. should be equaly easy to rewrite a device in groovy that sends the relevent zwave command i presume…