Device Handler for NODON z-wave Smart Plug

I have taken a punt and purchased a NODON Z-Wave Smart Plug. What I’d really like help with is creating a most basic device handler that can return the value of one parameter, 0 for OFF, 1 for ON. What’s different about this smart plug is that this parameter will tell me if there is any power going to the plug or not. If I (well we) get this to work then this will allow me to know if there has been a power failure and when the power returns. I have my smartthings hub and wifi router on a UPS so will be able do things in the event of a power failure. If anyone has a very basic device handler that can be amended that would be fab.

Thanks in anticipation


There are already device handlers that are compatible with node on plug (Z Wave). Ensure that the device is resetted. Then use Everspring and set nodon in pairing mode

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