Everspring Dimmer Module for a 2-way Light Switch (UK)?


In my place I have a light that is controlled by 3 switches. Each of the switch can turn on and off the light. I want to install a In-Wall Everspring Dimmer Module AD146 but I’m not sure how to connect the wires.

The device that I currently have is this one:

Device instructions:

My wall switches have the following configuration:

From my analysis I believe I should place in in-wall switch on the last switch the one with 3 wires that connect to the light bulb. But I’m not sure what wires to connect to each pin on the z-wave device. Also this device has a pin called 3V is this a 3 volatage pin (the wires seem to be thinner for this pin) ? What to I connect here ?

Can someone help me on this ?

Thank you.

Did you ever get this working?