Eve Push Button Switch

Does anyone know of an integration for these Eve switches, or a zwave switch with a similar form factor? Looking for push button behavior over a toggle.

The only ones I am aware of are the Wemo wifi switch and the Aeotec Wallswipe, but the Wallswipe is glass.

The Eve switches use Thread. They work with HomeKit, but not SmartThings. Maybe once Matter is deployed, but that won’t be for at least another year.

Eaton Cooper has a line of push button zwave plus switches you might like. Available in a number of different colors. they work fine with smartthings as a basic on/off switch. Eaton is the company, Cooper is the division, and Aspire is the model line. The products may be listed under any of these three names.



The two letters at the end of the model number indicate the color.

AW Alpine White
DS Desert Sand
DB Decorator Brown
SG Silver Granite


The first two characters indicate the protocol, so make sure it is RF (radio frequency), which is their term for Z wave. They also make Wi-Fi and dumb switches with the same case.

Thanks for the tip. Those may do the trick. I did run across these in my search. Possibly the prettiest switches I have ever seen. I need to find a way to integrate these :slight_smile:


Those are very expensive Bluetooth switches (last time I looked, you needed a $350 “director” device for each room, as well as the $150 switches).

The only two-way integration right now would be through IFTTT.

Noon Home works better with IFTTT

I suspected these would be a cloud integration. I am going to have to watch these. When these add Thread, and ST turns on Thread, that will be the time to strike :slight_smile:

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What do you mean by push button? A decors style switch where the top and bottom act as a button device in SmartThings? There are several z-wave switches that do this.

I believe the OP means a momentary button, like a doorbell button. Not a rocker switch with a top and bottom.

The original Leviton Vizia Z wave devices had this form factor, but it proved to be not as popular as the Decora style so they dropped it.

Correct. I was referring to a momentary button that is “stateless”, unlike a rocker switch.

Ah, so appearance wise it looks like a decora switch but it acts as a single momentary button?

Yes. Fits the decora outlet, but doesn’t rock back and forth when you press it. I was trying to find some switches that looked good next to the Zooz scene controller which has buttons. I saw in another post that you had the Zen32. Ideally I wanted a button that mimicked the style of those Zen32 buttons and their LEDs.

Have you thought about the ZEN34? It’s battery powered and the top and bottom are separate momentary buttons.

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