EU Zigbee plug with instant power monitoring

Hi all,

I am looking for a Smart Plug EU version that is working fine with ST and that can measure instant power consumption. The idea is to launch some automation based on if the TV is ON or if the washing machine finished etc.

So far I cannot find anything here in Spain that can do as I need. There are many Wi-Fi plugs than can do that, but with those I cannot start automation from ST based on power consumption.

It would be great if any of you know any plug that can be find here in Spain of purchased in Aliexpress or Bangood.

Many thanks all!

After searching among all devices that are available in Spain I found that:

  • There are some WiFi devices that are compatible with ST such as TP-Link, Meross and Shelly. But as far as I understand they can only be swithced ON or OFF from ST, no power monitoring.

  • AOTEC is now like the official manufacturer of ST hardware devices:
    If not natively working in the website there are Device Handlers.

  • There are still some Samsung ST plugs available to purchase:

  • Ledvance Smart + Plug Zigbee should work with ST, however is some comments they say that power monitoring is not available. Not clear with this.