ESP8266 + SSDP through SmartThings?

Has anyone had any joy getting the ESP8266 to show up in SmartThings using SSDP?

I’ve got SSDP working on it using the ESP8266SSDP library, and using SSDPTester on my phone, I can see it broadcasting packets using the Basic device type.

I’ve loaded up the example Service Manager and I’m using the search target of urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:Basic:1 however I cant get anything to show

@ghesp I’m having issues with this as well did you happen to figure it out ? Thanks!

This is quite an old topic, but I guess if you are having an issue then its still valid :slight_smile:

I would suggest looking in your SmartThings web dashboard, go to your Hubs page and click on ‘List events’. As a first step you should see the SSDP packets there. If you do not then I suggest you might have multiple networks or something else which is stopping the SSDP packets from being accepted/heard.

I have read having extenders and other access points could cause issues. I will look more into this. Thanks!