Error 503 when setting up app

Hi, I’m trying to create a smart things device provider (read more about my setup here) but I’m running into an error. When going to add a device under “my testing devices” and setting up an OAuth connection, I run into an error 503. This is the whole timeline:

Does anyone have any idea what I’m doing wrong here? This exact same flow works perfectly fine with Google Home. There seem to be no disruptions to the SmartThings status (see status page) so it’s probably not that. Is there anything I can do with the Request Code I’m passed? Just in case someone shows up who can do something with them, the request code is 7YUE9OJ.

In case you want to look into the code, the OAuth code can be found here.

Hello, @SanderRonde

I have been talking to our engineering team and this is what they say. The account linking failure occurs because your server is returning a HTTP 503 error whenever an accessToken is requested for the users account. If it helps in any way, I can send you the payload your server is returning, together with the HTTP 503 error.

Ah that makes sense. It would be great if you could send me the payload. Could you also send along the URL that it’s querying? Even though I set it correctly in the dashboard, I don’t get any requests on my end so I’d like to doublecheck.

Hi, @SanderRonde

I will send you the payload on a DM, just in case. I have already asked the engineering team if they could facilitate me the URL. I will let you know as soon as I have an update.

Thank you for the DM. Looks like it’s just cloudflare presenting a challenge for accessing the URL. I should be able to resolve this. Thanks for sending the payload, I have no idea how I would have figured this out otherwise.