Erroneous isPhysical() event (Zwave DTH)

Is throwing that when is polling. Interesting enough, is that it doesn’t do it for dimmer. I guess not because the physical is handled better, but because it doesn’t report on physical altogether. Ok, we need to take this to a different thread so we don’t clog @ady624 thread. Please reply with new topic if anyone would like to continue this comversation.

I agree. Can a moderator split this into a new thread or does a new thread need to exist so that it can be merged?

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Thanks Tim @slagle

We haven’t really been using isPhysical, because it’s not always possible to tell in the DTH. Z-Wave Switch uses a kind of hackish trick, it send a different kind of get when polling vs when actuating so it can tell if the incoming report was from a poll (whether dth or hub-based) which indicates a physical event. Remember that very few Z-Wave switches actually send us a report when they are toggled – we have to rely on polling and watching for node info broadcasts.

The physical event tracking was taken out of Dimmer Switch in this commit, accidentally I assume:

Personally I think we should drop it all together because it’s not consistent.


Thanks for the update. It’s very nice feature to have, if it could be reliable, otherwise is just frustrating. And it could lead to apps firing unintentionally, like Smart Lighting does.

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Hey @duncan any updates on this? I see that the zwave switch handler is still throwing on/off physical commands

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Inquiring minds would like to know :wink:


GE Dimmer 12724-Does not report if it was turned off physically in CoRE

So, has anyone figured out how to get the GE Dimmers to report Physical changes? This works with the GE Switches (12722) but no go with the Dimmers.

I have had the same issue here with the GE dimmers. Does anyone know if GE plans to fix this through a firmware update or is this a SmartThings device handler issue? The isPhysical method is necessary when building custom SmartApps as it allows a developer to control state or more importantly an ability to override motion/lux automations. Anyone?