CoRE and Piston Rules Engine, first design steps

can I use “capture state to local store” as shown above? I have multiple devices and multiple attributes. I can’t seem to get this working. Basically I want to widen the range of setpoints when a door is open for at least 3 minutes and resume to previous settings when door is closed again for 1 minute. The only part that I can’t get to work for certain is the “restore state from local store.” The capture state may not be working either but not certain. Should I be using a different method?

Capture the state before the wait. If the piston cancels before that, what’s the state? Let me know how that works.

I will try that. It’ll be a few days before I can get back to you though.Thanks.

another question… would it be better to use a “stays open” or a “wait… cancel”? or does it matter?

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It’s a matter of preference. If you use “stays” you get a late notification (you only get a chance to do something after the stay happened). If you use the “wait” approach, you get a chance to do early things. Really, a matter of preference. Also, the wait strategy needs a cancel on piston state change to prevent it from running should the door close back. Which you correctly used. Can you enable debug and check the logs to see what device commands are actually sent out? blue info tags…

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will do. It’ll just take me a few days to get back into town :wink:

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@ady624 like I said, physical is just headache

Erroneous isPhysical() event (Zwave DTH)

Still not able to get the loop going…

Here is the configuration after updating to v0.0.082.

Any thoughts?

I’m thinking there probably is a way to do this since I saw something above… but my brain isn’t working great at the moment and I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to use the Piston Engine to fade dimmers (up or down) to a level over a period of time?

i.e. create a piston to fade and call that piston from another piston to fade up or down to a set level?

There’s a task for that. Fade to level… the (hardware) version requires a specialized DTH

Hi, can you help me out with this Piston…

I want to refresh my Harmony switches on different intervals based on my presence and this is the rule I am currently using, but it is still fiering off every 15 minutes


Trigger= every 15 minutes
Condition 1 = time between 7am and 3 am
Condition 2 = While I am present
Refresh switches
Send notification

Condition1 = I am not present
Condition2 = time between 7am and 3 am
Refresh Switches
Send notification
Wait 30 minutes
Do Nothing

Would be helpful for my children.

IF moon = full
THEN run routine "horse tranquilizer"

Thank you sir!!! You saved my a ton of trials and errors :slight_smile:

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Well… darn it… I just found it… thanks… :blush:

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I’ve modified slightly, got rid of the cancel on piston state change. Had some weird on/off behavior I couldn’t pin down and that seems to have solved it. If you find bugs or a better way, I’m all ears!

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Yup, same here, ran into similar situation when I first tried to set up, but didn’t get a chance to dig into it, because my system went all crazy on me. Just getting back at it now.

It would be also useful to know when to ‘keep clear of the moors’…early 80’s film reference if anyones wondering :wink:

Or that… I stand corrected.

Would you be able to do a fade to color and fade to level over time action?

In my house, when I wake up the lights automatically turn on to 1%, red. Then I call a hue scene that dims the lights to 100%, yellow over 10 minutes. I was just thinking it would be nice though if CoRE could handle this instead of calling an external scene.

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@ady624 I’v manage to get the loop running, but only when I use AND IF (in simple mode it didn’t work).

But now I have a new problem. once the loop is running I can’t stop It… even if the condition in changes to false.
I tried play with the Break loop (conditional) option but still nothing…

here is my configuration:

OK I’v found my mistake… I configured a different switch in the AND IF section…
But the Loop still doesn’t work for me in SIMPLE mode…

Always torn as to putting the mode restriction in an AND evaluation which muddies the logic a bit or selecting the execution of the mode for the Piston in the top level screen. If it’s in the the logic then it shows up in the Dashboard view so it’s better to debug but if you limit the whole Piston then it doesn’t show up in the Dashboard.
Can the Dashboard view show this as well, maybe at the first line of the Piston before the IF?