Erratic behaviour on IKEA RGBW Bulbs

This is a thread to track the problems I’m having with my RGBW ZigBee bulbs as they occur and see if anyone else has the same problems or has a fix.

I have 3 bulbs setup on a Hektar lamp shade.

The Bottom one is linked to “The Big Switch” smart app. This in turn sets the colour and brightness of the top and middle ones.

I use Gentle wake-up to control them in the morning but the problem has occurred at different hours of the day.

I have two 5 button IKEA remotes set up for some preset brightness and colour options.

Problems I’m having:

  1. Bulbs get stuck in a brightness loop -I have to kill “The big switch” or power cycle to stop the light show.
  2. Bulbs random change colour while on.
  3. Bulbs occasionally turn on, on the their own.
  4. Full range of colours is not available - some shades of green give me white.

I’m fairly convinced “The Big Switch” is responsible for the 1. The lack of a functional light grouping routine means I’m going to have this for a while.

  1. To 4. I’d be interested in other people’s experiences.