Erod Automated Curtain Rod

Anyone have experience integrating Erod with their smart things system? I noticed Hamony remote offers an integration and the hub can send IR signals. Has anyone actually successfully accomplished this? if so, any tips or tricks? I will be receiving my eRods Tuesday and excited to see the possibilities!

I regret my purchase. They are so loud, creeky, slow, and difficult to integrate.

I’ve since ordered dooya tracks and motors from China (aliexpress search for ‘friend group’) and they are so much better in nearly every way (exception being that they are traditional ugly tracks that need to be hiddent behind molding).

Bummer i have 5 enroute from Amazon, I got them at a really good price so I won’t be too heart broken if they are a piece of junk. Thanks for the info though!

They are serviceable, but a bit goofy in operation. :slight_smile: they make me laugh at least!

I have very little patience, so this should be interesting… I am putting one on a giant sliding glass door… The thing may end up going through the door by the end of the night!

Hey codytruscott, Please let us know which dooya’s you got. I would like to know everything one might need in order to get a erod equivalent.

Erikanas: what was the “great deal” you got for erod? Is this the same brand as the “BEME Interenational erod” motorized curtains you find on amazon?

I’m just about to order a boat load more curtains motors — will report back. The dooya english website is kinda hidden and the available one gives outdated info.

The eRods are terrible. You can’t take them seriously. So loud. So slow. I’m so stuck with them in my own apartment — but the vacation rental I manage will be tricked out with the nearly silent dooya’s. Give me a week. Bug me if I forget.

:slight_smile: Just bugging you a bit. I’m interested as well in automated curtains. Definitely want to avoid loud/squeaky, but really want the ST control. Will share what I find, as well.

correct, they were on sale a few months ago for under $100 for the largest rod.

the Dooya motors look like the motors in the eRods? But these motors don’t make as much noise as the eRods? I wonder if I could just switch out the eRod motors with these…

yep just watch a Dooya video, much less noise being Belt driven and much faster…

@codytruscott I am interested in the type rods? can you comment on how they are and whether there worth buying etc. Thanks

I am amazed when someone ask a question every one comments on every thing but what was asked

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can you replace the erod motor with a dooya motor? I would love to integrate my verticle blnds into ST