EP SmartApp replacement for Shabbat-and-Holiday-Modes!

OK. I’ll try to delete the old folder, redownload the new one and reset the options and let you know. It might take a week or so.

For some reason the switch did not turn off for havdallah. It turned on, and has turned off in the past. What methods are available for me to begin to debug why this happened?

That sounds like it was a random glitch, could your internet was temporarily down, or AWS had a service outage. Unfortunately, as we still can’t write smartapps that run directly on the hub (which would be awesome), the app still relies on AWS and the internet to work, which can occasionally be spotty. If you’d like a little more certainty, though, you can go to the lambda page on AWS and check the execution history of your functions. There should be a bunch of graphs there, and one of them should tell you if your function actually ran. If it did, then it was very likely an internet outage.

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I’m using a raspberry pi. Anyway to investigate that?

Sorry, I’m not very knowledgeable in raspberry pi. You can at least try to check cron history to see if the program ran at havdallah at all.

i just got a new fridge rf71a9132bk. i have connected it to SmartThings app. i have Sabbath mode on my fridge and i try to make it work also from SmartThings app.
To do so, i open the SmartThings app, i read on your site to so i need then navigate to and select your refrigerator, and then tap Refrigerator options. Tap Sabbath mode.

my problem that i dont have “Refrigerator options” on my app so i dont see Sabbath mode.

please help me fix this bug.