EnOcean lights to ST integration (2022)

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So i can’t get the MQTT Bridge working and need some help. I have installed docker which is running the bridge and set the smartthings app and the bridge’s config.yml has the IP and port (1883) of my mosquitto mqtt. I see that i can connect to my mosquitto via MQTT Explorer but i don’t know if the bridge is working. Can i see somwhere if it’s sending or receiving messages? What IP, MAC and port should i put in the MQTT device in smartthings?

The Docker is using port 8080. From system docker status i get IP: but from ifconfig i get inet: Or should i use the IP of the mosquitto in the mqtt device in ST IDE?

Do i create a simulated switch in ST IDE and add the device information to devices.yml (config.yml has deviceconfig: true)?

Hi, this will be my last update for now and also forgot to update. Right now it seems that there is no way to get EnOcean to SmartThings. MQTT bridge apparently (?) no longer works. My solution now is: running EnOcean Pi Board on Raspberry → FHEM (MQTT_GENERAL_BRIDGE) → MQTT (mosquitto) → Home Assistant. I can access it via ddns remotely ( using SSH). Pictures below.

Home Assistant has built in EnOcean support but it is just not good and quite in early stage which is why i use fhem. Also cant watch the ST Aeotec camera in Home Assistant as there is no support to stream the content elsewhere. In summary ST is quite limited right now and i would rather use ST because of the camera which is the only tech i can not integrate elsewhere. ST i have integrated in Home Assistant and infomation from the sensors etc is now in Home Assistant. Integration from Home Assistant TO SmartThings is not possible, only other way around. In picture below is for example ST “Free Outlet”, “Plant Light” and contact sensor and also one Tuya led strip.

Some thoughts of getting EnOcean to ST would be EnOcean Pi and ESP8266 or ESP32 and use Tuya. Tuya has free cloud platform to build IoT apps and one way would be to send the messages via ESP module to Tuya and from there to ST (too complicated). There might be other ways but they also seem just complicated. Best option would be to have MQTT in ST.

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