(Enhanced) Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock

Ah okay thanks, just wanted to make sure there isn’t anything malicious going on with someone trying to charge for Gary’s code, if anyone should be getting money it’s him!

yes, this is what i was talking about. The $10 on a different site. So are they all one and the same and essentially I can just copy/paste the code in post #1 of this thread and be good to go?

They are not " one in the same" they were written by 2 different people. That said the one @garyd9 wrote that is linked in the this thread is the one that we were all talking about .
I have 0 experience in the pay to play device driver, so have no opinion as to how well it does or does not work in comparison to @garyd9 or @ethayer’s free drivers or with @ethayer lock code manager app

That’s correct. Gary and I started out about the same time independently and released our versions also within a few days of each other. The schlage smart device I have written are designed to be more specific to individual schlage locks models/features and tested to work with the other apps I have written including the Multi User Lock Code manager.
Some of the apps I have released to the community for free and for premium apps I request a one time fee (to get access to all the apps and devices) for support and enhancements. You can find the entire list (free and premium) at http://smartthings.rboyapps.com

I have to admit that I m a bit confused. I have a Schlage FE599NXCAM619 lever lock. The device code that I see being discussed here is for the Schlage Touchscreen lock. Which device code and Lock code manager will work for my lock?

I believe that Gary’s code here will work with the lock. He can clarify on the details.
There is also a free lock code manager from ethayer available you can check out.

I have made some customizations specific to the lock models to control individual features. You can check out the details for my code here.

There is also an app I provide along with it to program user codes and manage lock/unlock events. You can get details here

However do note that while Gary and Erik codes are free I do ask for a one time free for all of my apps and devices.

[quote=“damohabir, post:69, topic:10034”]
I have to admit that I m a bit confused. I have a Schlage FE599NXCAM619 lever lock. The device code that I see being discussed here is for the Schlage Touchscreen lock.
[/quote]I don’t have the lever lock, so I have no idea if it would work. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to try.

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I am getting similar issues. Icons seemed to be misaligned due the word “loading” and it seems to stay in loading. I’ve reset app and it seems to have. Looks its not responding to any command… not even to unlock…

Current States
battery: 100 %
lock: locked
lockLeave: unknown_lockLeave
autoLock: unknown_autoLock

Any thoughts

Scroll up to around post #54… Read my post there and the instructions (and replies.) This is similar to what I’ve seen before…

i got it to work… I had to delete the schlage door device then re-pair it to the hub… by default it found your device type. At first, it had the “loading” text on each button, but after i clicked on each button it was able to update its state… and it seems to be responding correctly now

What app are people using for this device type? Wonder if there is an app to change the alarm modes based on time of day/routine/hub mode…

thanks ahead of time…

For those of you that like me, are a bit OCD in the looks department, I updated a copy of garyd9’s device type with the new v2 app layout and style:


Colin, this new layout is nice! Thank you for publishing.

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Agree. Colin nice layout.

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If someone else wants to take over this device type, feel free. I won’t be supporting it any longer.

This is great,

I’m wondering is there a way to change the alarm mode when I change Security to ARM (Away)?

Would take a custom smart app. There’s another thread that might be of interest, [RELEASE] Universal Enhanced Z-Wave Lock, Schlage Lock, Yale Lock, Kwikset Lock, IDLock, DanaLock, August Pro and Samsung Lock Device Handler with Alarm Control, Notification, RFID, Door Sensor and advanced features

Hrmmm. I picked up a second schlage touchscreen deadbolt, got it installed and paired. Switched it to the same device type as the other one I have, but the battery isn’t updating for the new one. Guess I’ll give it a day or so before resorting to re-pairing or removing device type stuff.

My schlage took over a day to report battery when I installed it on my v1 hub and then again when I moved it to v2. just wait it out and it should show up.

This one showed up a few hours later. My first one showed up in like a half hour. Though even if it hadn’t showed up at all, I got this second one for $60 used off ebay, so can’t complain too much.