(Enhanced) Z-Wave Schlage Touchscreen Lock

(Dana ) #133

Oh, and I made this small change - seeing “Unlocked” in red is much easier to see/find when scrolling through the UI, and feels like the right color for that alert to me.

Look at me, I’m a software engineer! :wink:

(Randy Seaman) #134

What line of code did you change the color of “unlocked”? I would like to do the same. Thanks!

(Dana ) #135

Only phone right now, but I can tell you that the red Color code is #ff0000.

Search for “unlocked” as a text label in the code, replace the existing color code with above.

S/B around row 100 - 115:

(Jared Kilgour) #136

Checking in on this… anybody find antique brass yet!? Wife acceptance factor is too low unless I can find matchy matchy


I check about once per month, and I haven’t found any in antique brass.

(Marc Kurtz) #138

Hi @garyd9. I submitted a pull request to add some functionality. Unless I am mistaken, there is no way to change the alarm mode to a specific value by sending a custom command via CoRE. As it stands now, calling setAlarmMode() will only cycle the different alarm modes. So I expanded the functionality of setAlarmMode() to allow passing a string value that sets the alarm mode to a specific setting. Please consider merging (or editing if you think it can be done in a better way). Thanks!


Unfortunately, garyd9 has not been an active member for some time. You could possibly start a new fork.

(Gary D) #140

As I commented on the pull request:

I’m no longer supporting or maintaining anything related to smartthings. I haven’t done so for over a year now due to ST breaking several promises made to developers and customers.

(Marc Kurtz) #141

Thanks Gary. I understand the situation and appreciate writing back to us here in the community.

That brings up the question for people using Schlage with (the new) Lock Manager - is Gary’s DTH still the preferred one for the Schlage? I know there is a “generic” one for zwave locks that works with Lock Manager, but it was my understanding Gary’s had some Schlage specific stuff that gave it a step up on the generic one. Should we try to update the “generic” handler to add the Schalge specific stuff?

(Tyler Durden) #142

Hi Marc,

I’ve been using the @rboy universal lock DTH. It has some Schlage specific features.

RBoy does want users to pay for access to the SmartApps and DTHs. I initially paid to access the lock DTH, but have ended up using a few other DTHs and SmartApps included with the paid access.


ethayer has garyd9’s DTH in his GitHub. Some minor modifications were made to work with his latest SmartApp release.

(S Çağlar Onur) #144

I would like to help - as my time permits - to merge @garyd9’s DTH with generic one if you want to go that way.

(Jg506) #146

Is there anyway to get Schalge touchscreen to report when incorrect codes are entered (or at least when max incorrect attempts reached)? I’ve tried both @RBoy DTH and one by @garyd9 but nothing appears on device events when incorrect codes are entered. Even when alarm mode is tamper or forced entry there no zwave event raised when alarm kicks in. @RBoy writes in his DTH description that the alarm can act as motion sensor in ST. How to make this happen and how is it possible if no event is reported to the hub?

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #147

Each lock model is different, the RBoyApps DTH take that into consideration. Most Schlage locks don’t allow users to configure the number of retries before the lock sends an invalid code notification to the hub. The default is 4 or 5 tries (depending upon the model), so you will need to enter 4 or 5 invalid entries before the lock sends an invalid notification. For models that support custom number of invalid entries you can configure them through the RBoy Device handler settings in the ST app.
As for the motion, yes you’re correct once the lock sends the tamper notification (not for invalid codes by things like break in, fire, tampering etc) the DH will convert that into a motion event / tamper event and report it to ST accordingly.

(Jg506) #148

That’s what I did but no notification is posted. After 5 invalid attempts the keypad locks, the alarm kicks, but no event under the recently tab in the app or in the api console. Thoughts?

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #149

It does show up in the device’s recently tab (atleast with the RBoyApps DTH) and if you’re using the User Management SmartApp that App will also notify you.
Clarification on the above post, this is an invalid code and not a tamper event. Only tamper events will trigger the alarm/motion (if enabled). not invalid codes. Invalid codes are used by the SmartApp to notify the user.

(Jg506) #150

I don’t get invalid events and I don;t get tamper events. Is there any configuration required to enable it on Schlage.

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #151

No settings for most Schlage locks, that depends on how the DTH has implemented it and how the corresponding SmartApps use it.
If you’re using the RBoyApps DTH/User Mgmt SmartApp, it will automatically notify you for every 4th/5th invalid entry when the schlage lock sends the invalid code notification.

(Jg506) #152

I use your DTH and community smartapp. I want to validate this would work before I go through the trouble of erasing all slots as required by your smartapp and starting from scratch (I have 4 locks, many users and with day-time-lock restrictions). My understanding is that invalid and tamper events supposed to show under “recently” even when using your DTH and someone else’s smartapp - but they aren’t. Is my understanding incorrect?

(www.rboyapps.com - Make your home your butler!) #153

Yes and it depends upon the lock. See screenshot from BE469 below. Let’s move this conversation over to the Enhanced Universal Z-Wave lock thread: