Enerwave ZWN-RSM1S relay: synchronize Wall Switch position?

Purchased ZWN-RSM1S relays. It works fine but if you manually turn a light on, followed by using the app to turn it off- the actual switch position is wrong. Thereby physical turning off, the light comes on. Is there a setting that will keep the physical operation standard regardless of routines, app use, etc?

Most smart switches, regardless of brand, use a “momentary” switch which is like a standard doorbell button. It rests in the neutral position and only turns on when it is briefly activated.

These can look like anything, including a typical toggle switch, but instead of resting in up for on and down for off, they rest in the middle.


So often when people install an in wall relay, they swap out the existing switch for a momentary dumb switch to avoid the problem that you are seeing.

But the relay itself will not physically move the dumb wall switch.